Today is a new hearing in the file of Veaceslav Platon.

While being escorted Veaceslav Platonn said: "The hearings are closed intentionally, so the press has no acces." Asked by reporters why he wants to run for president, Platon said: "To tell people who and how coordinates Moldova".

Platon said he was called raider number 1, because someone wants it and mentions that he had friendly relationship with Shor and Plahotniuc. The businessman says he is afraid for his life because three witnesses had already died in dubious circumstances.

Lawyer Ana Ursachi, said that the fortune pf Platon's parents was placed under sequestration by the judge Ghenadie Pavliuc who does not trust his client and that the judiciary in domestic court rejected four applications for recusal from Platon's defenders. It also noted that he met with several embassies in the country for the case of the former deputy.

Anticorruption Prosecutor Andrei Băeişu, said the meeting was postponed to tomorrow due to requests for recusal. "Today were submitted four requests for recusal and an application for the unconstitutionality of a Constitutional article", said the prosecutor.

On 15 September, at 10:30, another hearing will be held in the case of Platon.

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