In an interview with the News Maker, Platon makes new disclosures. The businessman says that the National Anti-Corruption Center and the General Prosecutor have covered the banking theft, and Filat was brought to this combination by Ilan Shor.

"Filat lent money with a great interest to Shor,very big money, I witnessed it. What was with this money, where he took it from, I do not know. I know that they were partners in some businesses, managed by Shor. He believed blindly in Shor and Plahotniuc, who have fooled him like a bunny. "says Platon.

Platon also says that: "Why in August 2014, when no one knew about a crisis, the government suddenly assumes responsibility to amend the law according to which it is entitled to issue guarantees bypassing parliament? Nobody had the courage to do that for 23 years, and now, suddenly they took this step. So the operation plan began to be implemented in August. Comic is that this whole basic argument to convince Leanca to sign the law was "the danger posed by Platon for the financial system, which at any moment is capable of destroying the banking sector at the request of the FSB."

Platon also mentions Andrian Candu, which he says is responsible in the Government for the "economic block". "Candu was a colleague of Dragutanu in the company Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Candu is the one who brought Dragutanu to Plahotniuc in 2009 to be put in charge of the National Bank, "says the former deputy.

Platon also said how he relates to the Frontier Solutions.

"My lawyers have contacted this company in Ukraine after my arrest in Ukraine. They adressed to the US after they learned from the press that the billion theft is being investigated by this company and reached an agreement with them. I was not notified because they had no access to me, "says Veaceslav Platon.

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