The businessman Veaceslav Platon came with a reaction after the charges of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office which opened a criminal case on his name.

The press writes that Platon is in Ukraine and he decided to leave Moldova because of disagreements between him and Plahotniuc.

Platon says no one invited him to the hearings and today's episode is due to the fact that they have an older conflict with Plahotniuc. Thus, he pointed out that he agreed to be questioned by prosecutors through a video conference. The statements were made for Ziarul de Gardă

„Plahotniuc learned that I have provided more information about the billion theft and many other illegalities committed by him to various law enforcement agencies from several countries. Therefore, I believe that this case is manufactured based on some statements made by Ilan Shor and guided by Plahotniuc", he told

In addition, the businessman claims that: "I have over 40 hours of recordings of Ilan Shor in which it is very clearly seen that I have no blame in all this history and you can see very clear who is the beneficiary of this scheme", says Veaceslav Platon who, through his lawyers, has already sent several explanations to Interpol about this case, according to

„Yes, I admit, we have been friends with Shor for many years and I have worked with Plahotniuc, so now they bind me of stealing from the banking system, but I was lucky was when in February 2014 I decided to leave Moldova because of disagreements between me and Plahotniuc", he added. 

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