The Court of Appeal examined today, Veaceslav Platon's lawyers challenging of the arrest warrant issued against the businessman. Magistrates decided to mantain the arrest, and lawyers have not been puzzled by this decision.

Platon's lawyers have alleged numerous violations of the procedure, as well as Platon's innocence. They requested the hearing of two witnesses, the defendant's wife and the officer they would have sought, but magistrates have rejected the request on the grounds that the hearing of witnesses was not required in the first instance. They also requested the hearing of lawyer Ilya Novikov, but this request was also rejected. He would have explained the violations committed in the process of extradition.

Novikov came out with statements for journalists, but mentioned that the hearing is closed and he can not give too many details. He reiterated that the extradition of Platon was held with procedural violations.

Lawyer Ana Ursachi from Platon's defense team, said that the businessman spoke about the involvement of people in state institutions in schemes of thefts, including Leanca and Gaburici (covered by guarantees the state stolen money) Tăbârţă, Plahotniuc (beneficiary) Drăguţan (facilitated the transactions), Shor etc. According to Ursachi, the transaction of USD 80 mln put on Platon  was made by Vitoriabank and the beneficiary was Plahotniuc. He would have said in detail the date, time and other details about the deal, saying Adrian Candu was the signatory . The lawyer said that all Platon's statements were recorded in the hearing, but it is unknown if they will be made public. She said that Platon spoke in court for over an hour in his plea abounding the Plahotniuc name. For all statements, Platon would also have confirmation documents.

Lawyers confirmed that the charges on Platon of racketeering and money laundering were based on denunciation of Orhei mayor, Ilan Shor.

At the court came many policemen, including masked. Platon was brought through the back entrance, and the press was not allowed to approach the Courtroom, the corridor being blocked by police. The businessman's mother was not allowed to pass either.

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