Businessman Veaceslav Platon, wants to testify in several cases related to bank fraud and corruption, including in the case of Vlad Filat, writes

The declaration had been made exclusively for the source cited above, by Platon's lawyer, Ion Vâzdoagă.

"We are ready to give statements on any criminal case, including the case of Vlad Filat in order to ascertain the truth of the facts and circumstances of offending more people. We have things to say in criminal cases related to the banking system and corruption in Moldova, " said the defense lawyer of Platon.

The same source notes that the head of the Anticorruption Office, Viorel Morari, said that Platon can do these testimonies these days, when his hearing will take place in the folder where he is indicted.

"If he makes statements that could be proved, then he could be heard as a witness in other cases, but that decision belongs to the prosecutor, he decides if the information that Veaceslav Planot claims to know is necessary. Yesterday his hearing was held, and we still have to make a few questions of materiality, which means that he will be questioned further," said Morar.

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