Pechersk District Court of Kiev satisfied the request of the prosecutor's office in Kiev on the extradition of the businessman Veaceslav Platon.

This fact was confirmed for NewsMaker by one of the ex lawyers of former deputy, Denis Șkiptan.

Denis Șkiptan said: "Yesterday took place the meeting of Kiev Pechersk District Court, prosecutor's request was approved. Again, the court did not take into account that Kobalev (Veaceslav Platon's Ukrainian passport was issued in the name of Veaceslav Kobalev) is a citizen of Ukraine. For this reason, the decision was made".

The lawyer also said that the defense plans to appeal the decision of the Kiev Court of Appeal within five days. According to him, it is unknown after what arguments was the court guided. "Fully reasoned decision will be issued on 26 August. For now the judge read the short version of the text, "said Şkiptan, adding that the appeal will be examined next week.

Shkiptan said that the court decision on arrest for extradition cancels the previous temporary arrest for a period of 40 days. The maximum duration of detention for extradition is 12 months (there is no minimum term there). If the Court of Appeal of Kiev will leave the decision of first instance court for the extradition of Veaceslav Platon, it will require only a check, which is actually the conclusion of the General Prosecutor.

We remind that Platon was detained in Kiev on July 25, he is accused of money laundering and swindle in especially large proportions, Ukrainian side currently working on a package of documents for the extradition of Platon in the Republic of Moldova.

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