Igor Pîntea a policeman accused of torture by prosecutors in April of 2009, became the interim chief of Penitentiary nr.13 from the capital, where a lot of people undergoing criminal investigation are held. The former head of the institution  Igor Juvala, was fired  after a scandal over the escape of a prisoner, which the Department of Penitentiary Institutions (DPI) tries to cover up.

Several sources within DIP communicated for CrimeMoldova under request of anonymity, that the prisoner had been helped to escape by a lawyer, who gave him his clothes. After the prisoner undergoing criminal investigation escaped, the lawyer left the institution. The same sources said that the alleged escape had been a test for Juval coordinated in advance by the DPI and NAC, and Igor Pîntea was involved with the other organizers. However, after the searches of the prisoner Veaceslav Platon, two cellphones were discovered.

Searched were carried out at Igor Juvala’s residence and office, but nothing compromising was found. The Court of Appeal fined Juvala with 500 lei in October of 2016, for preventing the meetings of the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat with his relatives.

The 47 year-old  man from Hărbălău, Igor Pîntea, is accused by the military prosecutors that on April of 2009, he had beaten up  a protester being under police custody. The Trial Court and later the Court of Appeal, sentenced Pîntea to five years in prison. The Supreme Court of Appeal however, decided that the case should go to retrial to elucidate some circumstances. The case is pending at the moment at the Central Court in Chisinau. In the meanwhile, a requisition to the ECHR was filed by the victim’s lawyers.

The plaintiff said earlier that Pîntea, threatened to kill him if he won’t withdraw his complaint, and that he would influence the witnesses to ensure his alibi. The Minister of Interior has suspended Pîntea from his position for the whole period of the criminal investigation, but the Buiucani Court reinstated him, one of the reason being that the policeman has to pay a loan at the bank.


According to the Declaration on income and property, Igor Pîntea is live more than a modest life and has no place to live.

However the new chief of Chisinau Penitentiary indicates in several quests that he has a permanent residence on Zadnipru street from Chisinau. 

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