The president of Judo Federation of Moldova, Andrei Golban, an athlete and a former policeman were detained by the law enforcement authorities, being accused of blackmail and extortion of 13 million Russian rubles (about $ 200,000). They were members of the criminal organization led by criminal authority, Grigore Caramalac, alias "Bulgaru".

The victim of the offenders is Moldovan citizen who worked as an entrepreneur in Moscow, Russian Federation. This summer, the person began to be blackmailed by members of the criminal group to return a non-existent debt, worth $ 200,000. In this respect, the victim has been threatened repeatedly that he won’t be able to perform any economic activity, that he will be punished physically and they even dropped some hints about his family members.

While the victim was in Moldova, the responsible for his enterprise activity from Moscow was son, who was physically assaulted by the members of the criminal group, by applying a device for electric shocks. They also stripped him of his handbag with accounting and company management documents.

The criminal investigation of this case was started by the law enforcement authorities after the victim alerted the police. During the criminal investigation the police found that the money were extorting from the from entrepreneur by the members of the criminal group led by Caramalac. It was also established that they watched the entrepreneur’s activity, all the economic transactions from within and out of the country were analyzed, controlled and tracked.

The detainees are aged between 32 and 51, and are suspected of committing other serious offenses.

A criminal investigation was initiated on this case for blackmail. According to the legislation, individuals guilty of committing this crime shall be punished with imprisonment from 13 to 15 years.

At the moment, special investigative measures are taken, necessary for case documentation, determining the roles of the suspects accumulation of evidence that would be of interest to the criminal case.

The acting Deputy Chief Prosecutor for organized crime and special causes, Corneliu Bratunov, said the suspects were detained for 72 hours. Bratunov said: "We're investigating the case and then will come back with more details".

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