Elena Ţaulean, the Principle of „Toader Bubuiog” lyceum from Bubuieci village, a suburb of Chisinau, is investigated by the NAC for alleged false statements in the income statement and personal interest. The woman pleads innocent and argues that the case was initiated on command, as her husband, the lawyer Vitalie Ţaulean has become an inconvenient person for more prosecutors, but also for some governors.

According to the law enforcement authorities, Elena Ţaulean did not indicate in the statement the almost 20 thousand lei from the salary income, her husband’s income of 119 lei, 2 cars and 11 bank accounts.

Elena Ţaulean pleaded not guilty, saying that it is a mistake of the accountant of the institution where she is working, and that she wasn’t informed about her husband’s income. As far as the two cars are concerned, one belongs to her son, who has his own family and doesn’t live with his parents for a long time now, and the other is a 20-year-old VAZ car that they sold in 2000. About the bank accounts, the woman said that it is about some loans that she paid off.

Elena Ţaulean stated: “I have worked for 30 years and I had no deviation from the law. Now I am constantly on the road for 2 years. I'm in a tense situation, I can not concentrate on my daily activities.”

Vitalie Ţaulean claims that he had his savings, about which his wife didn’t know anything: "The law does not oblige me to tell my wife about all the savings that I have." The lawyer relies on political grounds, stating that the criminal investigation against his wife started after he presented more evidence of laundering 4 million lei in, November of 2014, through the Party for Nation and Country by another ruling party at the time. The lawyer also said that another criminal case was fabricated earlier on his name for hooliganism.

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