Ion Catana, who is serving his sentence in Prison No. 1 in Taraclia, claims to be harassed by the prison administration, which  wants him to withdraw the allegations of torture against the previous chief of Penitentiary of Cahul, Alexander Malina.

Ion Catana told us that he is in danger because the government, which is obliged to protect him, persecutes him. "A new chief of the prison was appointed. However, iniquities are continuing. They are intimidate us with different searches at night. The tortures are continuing. The administration involves loyal inmates to settle accounts with troublesome inmates. They tortured a boy", Catana told us by phone.

He says that the he has made several complaints to the Prosecutor's Office and human rights organizations, but they have not reached their destination, being blocked by the administration.

Last year, Alexander Malina was sentenced to six years of imprisonment for torturing prisoners. The sentence was appealed to the Court of Appeal, which has not yet taken a final decision. Alexander Malina is in custody. He was arrested last spring by the NAC officers for passive corruption and influence peddling.

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