A former policeman, who has previously held several positions in the Minister of Interior, sold in 2016, two of the three houses that he built on the forest land leased from Moldsilva. Moreover, he who has served the state several years, was able to authorize construction, to register them in land registry, and even to obtain legal address, leaving several real estate experts astonished.

The deal was closed even though the law allows states that tenants may build in the woods only easily removable construction, prohibits transmission and leasing land to third parties, and granting legal addresses for land outside the city is simply impossible. The investigation shows that in fact, this is a well-thought scheme, established with the involvement of stakeholders in state institutions.

Million dollar house in the forest

The three houses, one of which is finished, are located at a distance of about one hundred meters apart from one another, in the vicinity of the Durlesti forestry.

Even though it is prohibited by law, two of the houses with three levels, are built on solid foundations, and they even resorted to cutting the trees, in order to arrange the courtyards.

The third building, which is also registered in the land register, is a site of reinforced concrete, which looks like the first level of a potential house.


The two houses that have been finished are equipped with video surveillance systems, and one of them is guarded round the clock by a security guard, which has set up a booth at the gate.


Whoever built the houses, took care of the access roadways as well, which are made of crushed stone and are covered with pavement at the household entry.




The buildings are connected to the high voltage grid and gas pipeline.



“Oleg has sold the houses to Lilian and Dinu”

The three buildings are next to the forestry. The forester says he knows about them, sees somebody coming there constantly, but does not know who owns them and say it does not fall within his jurisdiction.

Even the employees working on these properties weren’t chatty at all.  A CrimeMoldova reporter managed to speak to the staff, pretending to be a realtor. Thus, we found out that the two houses and the unfinished construction were built by Oleg. One of the finished houses was sold to a prosecutor named Lilian, and the unfinished construction – to Dinu.

We have also found out from them, the besides Oleg, Vasile Tudos is also responsible, “who works at the city hall” and who acquired one of the finished houses. However, he keeps it for his son.

We found a team of workers at the house that would be purchased by “prosecutor Lilian”. The chief worker told us that he was committed to carry out repair works on the inside by a man named Lilian, who has recently bought the house.

The buildings from the forest were built by a former policeman

The three buildings are located on leased land since July of 2008 from Moldsilva, by Oleg Chifeac.



Under the contract no.212, the forest land was leased by Chifeac, for recreational purposes for a period of 29 years.

Chifeac Oleg graduated from the Police Academy and until 2005, he held several positions such as criminal investigator in exceptional cases and bank crimes.

Vasile Tudos is the founder and administrator Real-Artemida Ltd. The organization, founded in 2009, located right next to the Chisinau City Hall has several fields, including, preparation for the sale of real estate, buying and selling of own real estate and renting real estate.

In a report made in 2012 by a journalists from PublikaTV, Vasile Tudos said he carried out the construction and he had all the necessary documentation for that.

How was it possible to authorize construction in the forest and register it cadastral register

Oleg Chifeac managed to register the three construction in cadastral register, and obtain a building permit for them.


According to land records, Chifeac used a single building permit, no. 79/10 from 13.08.2010, for the three buildings, which are different in size and design.

The three buildings were attributed by engineering surveyors, a legal address as well –Chişinău mun., Durlesti town, 22/7Codrilor street.

It is quite interesting that at a distance of about 700 meters, another property is recorded with a similar address, but with different cadastral number.



The house belongs to Popa family, who bought it in 2013. The building was built on a plot of 0.03 ha allocated by Durleşti City to a young family, who later sold the lot.

At the beginning of 2016, Oleg Chifeac tells the reporters of anticorupţie.md portal, that he built the houses in the woods respecting the law, and that he has urbanism certificate and the building certificate. "I do not sell the land, but the house that was built on the leased land. The house has cadastral number and all the documents are in order. There were several checks made by committees, which had established that I had not violated any law, "said the owner, stating that he only sells house located on three acres, not the right to lease 35 acres of forest.

When contacted by CrimeMoldova, Oleg Chifeac seemed clearly upset, “You have nothing else to do or what, I’m sick of you all. As soon as spring comes, you come up with your questions. Yes, I built the house, and what is your problem?! I don’t have to answer any of your questions!”

Who were the properties sold to?

According land registry, the property from the forest, which Chifeac would have sold to a prosecutor, is registered on the name of a young lady from Chisinau, under a contract of sale signed at the end of 2016.


Please note that the building had been announced for sale on several real estate websites for the amount of 530 thousand euros.

Chifeac has also managed to sell the unfinished building. It was purchased by Dinu Gherasim, the CEO of Insurance Company DONARIS Group.


What does the legislation state?

According to the Regulation on leasing forest, the objects placed on forest land, assigned to lessees for recreational purposes, are built by them for the period of time of using the forestry, and are included in the material composition of forestry management plans and accounting records.

The constructions built by lessees on forestry land, and attributed to them for recreational purposes, must be removed by the expiry date of use, or evicted by the tenant, otherwise it is transmitted by a common agreement to the management of the lessor.

During 2016, several changes and additions to the Regulation on leasing forest were made, for hunting or recreation purposes. Thus, according to these changes, it expressly prohibits the transfer of right of lease the forestry land for the purpose of recreation or by other natural or legal persons, regardless of legal form, but also subleasing the forest land, their redemption and transfer of right to lease by holder of that right, to other natural or legal persons.

Also, the lease fee for recreation purposes was increased from 4025 lei to 19092 lei per year, per hectare. From 2012, it is prohibited to lease forest land.

Experts in real estate: "It is impossible!"

Several experts in real estate, contacted by CrimeMoldova were astonished that some buildings constructed in the forest were granted legal address. "It is land on outside of the city, no address is given for buildings on owned land outside town," experts say. Likewise, it is inconceivable that the same address will be attributed to several buildings, with different cadastral names.

"Maybe it's a scheme. It is not excluded that they have used a legal address to obtain building permits, and later, connection to power lines and gas pipeline. Otherwise it would have been impossible. Then, they used the same address for legalizing the buildings. In reality, it's a crime, "said one of the experts.

Ion Ciobanu: "We will take action ..."

The Director of the State Agency Moldsilva, Ion Ciobanu, told CrimeMoldova that will verify the information and if it is found illegal, he will address to the court: "I do not know what it is about, I know nothing about this case. We will check and if they did something illegal we will appeal to the court with the greatest pleasure."

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