The Prosecutor General's Office reopened the case of the teacher's murder committed in 1997, in which the lawyer Ana Ursachi allegedly involved. The information was confirmed by the Acting Deputy Prosecutor for the fight against organized crime and special affairs Corneliu Bratunov.

According Bratunov, the investigation resumed in the light of new circumstances. "Two people were convicted in the case. Now the investigation will be carried out only in relation to Ana Ursachi. It is necessary to determine the extent of her participation,” - said the law enforcement representative. 

Corneliu Bratunov said that it will be carried out a number of procedural actions, including defender’s questioning. In this regard, materials of the case requested from the archive. According to the Prosecutor, it is particularly serious crime with expired limitation period. 

Recall that Vladimir Plahotniuc TV channels showed the investigation stating that Ana Ursachi, conspired with former husband Ruslan Moiseev and Vilaine Vitrenko, allegedly killed a teacher in cold blood to take possession of her apartment. The authors of the film said that the spouses Moiseev-Ursachi organized a gang in 90s. According to the film, the gang found lonely people, took away their housing and then eliminated former owners. For the crime Moiseev was sentenced to 18 years in prison, and Vitrenko to 16 years.

Ana Ursachi denied the charges and claimed that she would sue the authors of the investigation and TV channels, which let the movie aired. "It's all slander," - the defender said to the CrimeMoldova. 

The lawyer said that either she nor her husband, who is in prison, are guilty. Man was jailed under a single statement of Vilen Vetrenko, who was tortured. Thereafter Vetrenko won a case of torture in the ECtHR.

Informed sources told our edition that at the beginning of her law career Ana Ursachi was involved in the transfer of prohibited items to prisoners. This was written by Accente newspaper at one time.


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