The prosecutors confirmed, in a press conference, that the interlope Grigore Caramalac was one of the main people to order the assassination attempt of DP leader, Vlad Plahotniuc.

At the same time, it appears from the prosecutors' statements that the second individual would be a detainee in a Moldovan penitentiary. This person would be Veaceslav Platon. Although they said they did not disclose names, the prosecutors said that after searching Platon’s cell, several mobile phones have been found and raised, containing conversations about attempted assassination.

According to prosecutors, the assassins entered three times in Moldova, and because they had delayed the murder, they were threatened by the person who ordered it.

Some of the detained people cooperated with the prosecutors.

The prosecutors have also said they already have audio and video samples and deciphered conversations between organizers and assassins. Some of these were obtained from the colleagues in Ukraine.

The executors would have had 2 action plans. The first was shooting from an adjacent building in Plahotniuc's office with a grenade launcher. The grenade launcher targeted two floors, which would have been totally destroyed.

According to the second plan, Plahotniuc's car would have been attacked when he entered the garage.

Eventually, the organizers chose the first option. The idea of the grenade launcher was inspired by the method by which the leader of the separatists in Donetsk, called Givi, was killed.

At the same time, according to prosecutors, a person in the building where Vlad Plahotniuc's office is located was to provide information from the inside (place of residence and person's position).

As for the total financial remuneration, which would be received by assasins and accomplices, it reaches 1 million dollars. After the 200,000-dollar advance, the executors would have received solid bonuses, if the attempt had succeeded.

At the hearings, the criminals said they were hurried by Caramalac's men, especially through threats. The executors assume that, in order to clear the traces of the crime, they would have been liquidated at Caramalac's command.

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