CrimeMoldova has previously written about the real estate facility in Valea Morilor Park, which resembles the White House and allegedly belongs to the leader of the DPM, Vlad Plahotniuc (information subsequently denied by the formation). This time, the facility is again targeted by RISE and ZDG investigations, showing that it was in the possession of a Cypriot company. According to both investigations, people close to Plahotniuc or Democratic Party are involved in the transactions with the "White House".

RISE version

According to the RISE investigation, the owner of the "White House" became a Cypriot offshore company, paying for the transaction 130 million lei. Iurie Luncasu, a person close to the entourage of Vladimir Plahotniuc, represented the Cypriot company. The acquisition of the real estate property preceded other transactions with two properties belonging to the ASITO insurance company, the shares of which had previously been subject to a secret agreement between Platon and Plahotniuc.

As previously mentioned by CrimeMoldova, the initial owner of the building was Medias Health Service JSC, represented by the businessman Vladimir Russu. Subsequently, the building reached the Business Agreement Company, founded earlier this year by Russu and his business partner Nina Ladighina.

Two months later, the two sold the company, whose share capital included assets of the “White House”, to the Cypriot offshore company Investar Investments LTD, backed by two other front companies.

In the sale of the Business Agreement LLC and the luxury villa, the Cypriot offshore company was represented, by proxy, by the businessman Iurie Luncasu, who allegedly is part of Vlad Plahotniuc's entourage. Moreover, the contract for the sale of the "White House" was authenticated by Olga Bondarciuc, whose notary office is situated in the Global Business Center (GBC), the business residence of Vladimir Plahotniuc.

According to RISE, 2 weeks before selling the "White House", Russu and Ladighina, became the owners of two other buildings in Chisinau: Fashion Center and the former headquarters of ASITO Insurance Company on 57/1 G. Banulescu-Bodoni Str. The transaction valued 130 million lei and the contracts were again authenticated by the notary from the GBC.

The buildings were purchased from Capital Investments Ltd. - a company, owned by another Cypriot offshore company and involved in real estate transactions with trade unions.

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The ZDG version

The ZDG investigation into the "White House" reveals the same transactions. According to the source, the transaction with the mentioned building, which was worth more than 150 million lei, allegedly involved a businessman with links in politics, who is the brother of the director of Posta Moldovei (Post of Moldova) and of a democratic mayor.

The source analyzed three real estate facilities in the area, mentioning that one belongs to the Real Estate Holding, founded in Romania in 2006, and later renamed into Maiodor, as previously mentioned in the material, made by CrimeMoldova.

The source also writes that the land in front of the house was bought by Anatolie Nastas, who is brother of the director of Post of Moldova, Serghei Nastas, and of the Democratic mayor of the village of Petrune, Iurie Nastas.

ZDG also mentions that the building originally belonged to Medias Health Center, represented by Vladimir Russu, and later came into the possession of Business Agreement, founded by Russu and Ladighina, and was subsequently bought by the Cypriot company - Investar Investments Limited.

In the last transaction, the Cypriot company, as mentioned by RISE, was represented by Iurie Luncasu, and the contract was authenticated by the GBC notary.

The source also mentions the previous transactions, by which Russu entered into the possession of the Fashion Center and the ASITO building through the  Capital Investments. According to ZDG, the latter is founded by a Cypriot company, but has the legal address in Hancesti, in the house of Nicolae Sterbet, district councilor from the DPM.

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