According to a video investigation carried out by RISE Moldova, a policeman’s criminal business that concerned four ha of land in Chisinau, worth 4 million euros, ended in the assassination of a taxi driver. The name of the latter appeared in the property documents, falsified by the policeman. When the taxi driver became inconvenient, he was killed and thrown on a road in the Transnistrian region.

The policeman involved in the criminal scheme with the plot of land is Iurie Cocarla. The court of the first instance sentenced him to 23 years of imprisonment, although he says he was involuntarily  involved in the affair and there was a self-report on the murder of the taxi driver.

Alibert Zalimov, the murdered taxi driver, who was indicated in the forged acts as the landowner, actually had neither house nor home. Moreover, he was criminally prosecuted for having illegally obtained the land belonging to City Development. The company bought the land from the Ministry of Defense for 65 million lei.

More details in the RISE video investigation:

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