The Socialists were grouped around a secret business with an offshore company linked to the Russian Federation, created in one of the most famous tax heavens in the world - Bahamas, writes

Through this business was made a transfer of over MDL 30 million, who arrived in Moldova a few months before the presidential elections, by a media firm. By loan agreements, from the media company, the money came to sponsors of the party later.

The key people involved in the scheme would be a SPRM deputy Corneliu Furculita, and a member of the CEC.

Exclusive Media SRL company, involved in the scheme belongs to Furculita. It is managed by Socialist Petru Burduja, associated in business with Dumitru Ciubaşenco - official Presidential candidate of Our Party. Burduja alderman in Chisinau and is part of the Republican Council of SPRM.

Offshore business is connected to the company Westerby Limited headquartered in the Bahamas and with a secret ownership, appearing in massive leak of documents  #BahamasLeaks.

In February, Westerby had transferred about EUR 1.5 million in the company's account Exclusiv Media SRL. The money arrived in Moldova under a loan agreement, whose provisions refer to the legislation of the Russian Federation. The same offshore has been a transfer of EUR 6 million in the period October 2015 - March 2016, the company Natur Bravo, one of the largest canneries of Moldova, is run by a Russian citizen Vasily Kheyman.

Of the over MDL 30 million received from Westerby Limited and stored shortly in the account of Exclusive Media Ltd, over MDL 20 million were picked up from the bank, in cash, the company's administrator Petru Burduja, based on documents signed by Cornelius Furculita's wife, Ludmila.

Money (between MDL 300.000 and 500.000) then came to individuals affiliated with the Socialist Party, without interest.

More details about documents confirming the SPRM money trail and the people involved, read in the investigation.

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