A Russian NGO affiliated to the special representative of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Transnistrian region, Dmitry Rogozin, and founded by a Russian deputy, militating for the independence of the former Soviet territory, Alexei Juravleov, smuggles humanitarian aid offered by the Russian Federation to the authorities of Left bank of the Dniester river, making money in this way too. A RISE Moldova investigation shows that millions of dollars worth of goods donated to Transnistria were bought at overpayments, in some cases exceeding their market price twice.

Humanitarian aid was transferred directly to the Moscow-Tiraspol branch, without the involvement of the constitutional authorities in Chisinau, as stipulated by the international agreements. According to the former head of the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova, Viorel Melnic, this is smuggling.

The non-governmental organization targeted in the investigation is "Eurasian Integration", which in 2013, one year after its founding, becomes one of the main humanitarian aid managers provided by the Russian Federation to the Transnistrian region, where it also opens a subsidiary.

According to the investigation, during 2013 - 2014, the organization sent several lots of goods to the self-proclaimed regions, but they bought it at an overpayment.

The RISE evidence shows that the Eurasian Integration organization donated to the "administration of the President of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic" a HYUNDAI minibus with a declared value of 45,900 dollars, while the same model can be bought from Moscow car parks cheaper: with about 39,000 USD.

Also, the Republican Ambulance Center in Tiraspol received in 2013, 8 ambulances. The customs value for each ambulance was 105,000 US dollar, the real price, according to RISE, is about 62,000 US dollars, excluding VAT, the difference being 40,000 US dollars.

Under the same humanitarian aid program offered by the Russian Federation, in May of 2014, Transnistria receives 4 new trolleybuses. The total amount of the donation is 690,000 dollars or over 170,000 dollars per trolleybus, less by almost 48,000 dollars than the price paid by Chisinau in 2013 for trolleybuses bought in Belarus.

The investigation shows that trolleybuses were the subject of the first litigation initiated by Eurasian Integration. The organization has sued the company "Trans-Electrik", which delivered trolleybuses, because two of them did not have an electronic control system for air conditioners. In February of 2015, the Russian organization won the lawsuit, "Trans-Electrik" being forced to pay 236,000 Russian rubles (about $ 3,800).

Up to now, the charitable organization of the Russian deputy figured as a plaintiff in 33 trials. All were filed against its prime contractors, the total amount of claims amounting to about 25 million dollars.

Besides donated ambulances and trolleybuses, the "Eurasian Integration" program included the repair of ten public institutions: kindergartens, schools and hospitals, but those who did the work can not recover the money. The total amount of debts is 2 million dollars, and Transnistrian construction companies have been already trying to collect their money for two years now.

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