After the arrest of Renato Usatii’s intermediaries, who tried to transmit 100 thousand euros to the killer Vitalie Proca, the mayor of Balti said that the attempted murder of the banker Gherman Gorbuntov had been ordered by Plahotniuc and, even more, the transmission of money and all his recent actions have been coordinated with law enforcement agency in Romania. We addressed the law enforcement agencies in Romania to obtain a confirmation of Usatii’s statements. The police have told us that there are no criminal cases in this respect. 

It is a mystery why nobody has checked Usatii’s statements about the criminal cases in Romania, related to the killer Vitalie Proca. Usatii state that finally the killer decided to reveal who actually had ordered the murder of Gherman Gorbuntov, demanding instead an amount of money and the transfer of his family from Moldova to Romania. The journalists just had to send a request to law enforcement agencies in Romania, to find out if there really is an investigation into this case. We sent such a request and received the answer that there is no criminal case involving Renato Usatii, and there is no case involving the name of Vlad Plahotniuc.

Moreover, our source in the law enforcement agencies of Romania said that Proca had never collaborated with the investigation and had not submitted any evidence. In 2013, Proca was handed over to the law enforcement agencies of Romania by the Russian authorities and there was a tacit agreement between them that he would not be surrendered to authorities in London. The case of attempted murder of Gorbuntov is still investigated in Great Britain and, if Proca had given testimony, he would have primarily attracted the attention of investigators in the UK, not of those in Romania.

In addition to the information provided by our source and police response, the editorial of CrimeMoldova also consulted the Romanian legislation. According to Usatii, Proca demanded a sum of money and transfer of his family to Romania. Authorities could have met Proca’s requirements, only if he had become a witness under the national witness protection program.

Law 682/2002 on Witness Protection establishes a clear framework for cooperation of police and witnesses. Thus, Proca must first make truthful testimonies and present evidence and only after that he can be included in the program. According to our sources in law enforcement agencies in Romania, Proca is not part of this program.

Regarding the money that the police, along with Usatîi, wanted to transmit to Proca or his family, in accordance with the Romanian law, the police have no such powers; neither can it bring to Romania the families of those affected. Transfer of families is a diplomatic issue that is not related to the police.

In accordance with Article 12 of the Law on Witness Protection, security forces of Romania can only provide protection. However, the article stipulates that witnesses be given some financial support until employment, if they are included in the national witness protection program. As far as we know, Proca had never been part of this program. It is a crime punishable by the law to pass money for some evidence that the killer did not make. Even if a criminal case were initiated in Romania, it would have been "against the Romanian authorities" and against Usatii for transferring money to a detainee or his family.

In this way, the authorities of Romania deny any collaboration with Renato Usatii. There is no collaboration and no criminal case with this respect in Romania.

While Usatii is spreading lies about the criminal case in Romania through all the available channels, the residents of Balti are seeking their mayor. Recall that he is wanted by police for fraud and contract killing. The mayor’s photo appeared in the center of Balti on the "Wanted by the police” panel.  




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