Mihaela Muruianu, daughter of the former president of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ), Ion Muruianu, allegedly received 1.6 million lei from two companies, involved in the Russian Laundromat.

According to an investigation, carried out by RISE Moldova, Muruianu's daughter, being a student at Imperial College London, rented a luxury apartment near the Buckingham Palace for about $180 a day, and the rent money came from a company, involved in the largest money-laundering scheme.

According to the source, in July 2012, Judge Valeriu Gasca issued a court order on the payment of 500 million dollars from the accounts of four Russian and one British company in favor of Westburn Enterprises LTD. 

Within a few months, some of the money reached the accounts of Ronida Invest LLP, a ghost company in the UK that redirected $ 102,000 to Liberton Associates LTD, another ghost company. Later, Liberton transferred the money to London's representation of Knight Frank LLP, one of the largest real estate agencies in the world.

Using the amount of $ 102,000 redirected to the agency in London, Mihaela Muruianu and her husband paid the rent for the apartment, located near the Buckingham Palace (the official residence of British monarchs) and the Imperial College London, where in the period of 2012- 2013, Mihaela Muruianu studied for a fee of £ 27,000 (over half a million lei).

According to the source, Mihaela Muruianu said the rent payment was part of an agreement her father had made with a Moldovan businessman. Under the agreement, after finishing her studies and conducting an internship at a British company, Mihaela was going to work in the Republic of Moldova.

On the other hand, the former SCJ president, Ion Muruianu, initially told RISE reporters that his daughter had paid her rent from her own money. Later, he confirmed that there was a deal with a businessman, but he did not reveal his identity.

In February 2014, Mihaela Muruianu benefited from another amount of $ 28,000 coming from money-laundering schemes.  The amount arrived in her personal account opened with a bank in UK. The transfer was carried out by Carditeks Commerce LP and officially covered the costs of "audit advisory services".

The amount received by Muruianu's daughter comes from a dispute worth nearly $ 681 million, forcibly recovered under the signature of the bailiff George Botan, based on a controversial order of the Criuleni Court as of February 4, 2014.

The two companies involved in the Laundromat (Liberton Associates LTD and Carditeks Commerce LP), from which Mihaela Muruianu received, a total of $ 130,000 (over 1.6 million lei), have been involved in several dubious court cases, related to the recovery of fictitious debts.


Source: rise.md

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