Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and National Anticorruption Center are continuing the searches at the Ministry of Economy.

Viorel Morari, head of Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office said that the case had been initiated partly in response to the referral of the Prime Minister Pavel Filip. When asked whether they detained any persons in connection to this case, Morari said, "So, far, we are working."

Sources reported that investigation targets several officials, related to the management of state enterprises. The same source said that Serghei Mardari, consultant of the department of management policies and privatization of public property of the Ministry of Economy, is among the suspects.  

The Ministry of Economy issued a press release, confirming the actions of anticorruption prosecutors. It said that the Ministry of Economy has been notified of the actions, undertaken by anticorruption prosecutors and officers of the NAC with respect to the Ministry’s staff and will provide full support to the relevant bodies to investigate the case, which concerns improper management of state assets.

"The institution always opted for the exclusion of violations of national law from all social and economic areas and promoted a firm policy on eliminating these phenomena from the activities of any state institutions. The policy will remain a priority for the Ministry of Economy in the future, because only by excluding such cases, we can achieve the objectives, set in the process of modernizing and reforming the Republic of Moldova,” the press release reads.

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