The millionaire MP, Iurie Darda, has not been seen in the Parliament for more than two months. Sources from his entourage claim that he has transferred his capital and part of his assets to Romania, trying to avoid an investigation of the NAC, especially given that several of his liberal colleagues have become targets of corruption cases.

Iurie Darda was last seen at the Parliament meeting on May 12, 2017 and his telephone has been disconnected. The fact that the elected representative of the people came to the NAС's attention is confirmed by Viorel Chetraru’s request filed on 22 June this year, asking Nistor Grozavu to submit several authenticated copies of documents, related to the work of construction companies, owned by Iurie Darda.


Iurie Darda started his business in 1998, subsequently he switched to politics, becoming in 2011 councilor of the Chisinau Municipal Council and of that of the village of Stauceni, suburb of Chisinau, representing the Liberal Party. Being the head of the LP Territorial Organization of Rascani District of Chisinau and one of the party's main sponsors, Darda was given a preferential place on the party’s list and became a deputy following the parliamentary elections of 2014.

It should be mentioned that Iurie Darda has been targeted by several journalistic investigations and was involved in scandals with construction land, suspicious acquisition of construction permits, pulling his rank. 

Iurie Darda’s acknowledged and hidden businesses

Iurie Darda controls several companies, most of them operating in the field of construction, but he officially acknowledges only two of them, Commercial Society Dansicons LLC and Commercial Society Darsimid LLC.

Darsimid Company was founded by Iurie Darda in 1999. Until recently, the liberal appeared as the sole founder of the enterprise, but in February and April 2017, the business was passed into the name of the deputy’s wife, Svetlana Darda.

nunta chirtoaca.jpg

Iurie and Svetlana Darda at Dorin Chirtoaca’s wedding. Source: Facebook

The company is managed by Alexandru Leahu, an active member of the Rascani District organization of the LP.



In July 2016, Darsimid LLC founded the City Parking Center LLC, which engaged into the trade and repair of various means of transport.  



The second founder of the enterprise is another company, Invest Development, established in 2012, and one of the founders was Ivan Andrienco, Darda's father-in-law. 

Over the years, both the founders and the company’s legal address have been changed. Until October 2017, Invest Development had its legal address in the Rascani District of Chisinau, at 7/11 Studentilor St., which since 2017 is the legal address of Darsimid LLC. It should be mentioned that, at 7/10 Studentilor St, is the headquarters of the territorial organization of the Liberal Party of Rascani District of Chisinau.

Both offices are located in the blocks, built by Dansicons, another company, owned by Iurie Darda, situated on the territory of the student town of the Technical University of Moldova.

 Dansicons  LLC was founded by Iurie Darda in 2002. In April 2017, he gave up his part in the business in favor of his family members. Currently, the company counts four founders, including Svetlana Darda, Daniela Unc, Iurie Darda’s daughter, and Roman Dragomir, the son of the former Mayor of Stauceni, Ion Dragomir, and the wedding godson of the Dardas.

According to, the company has completed the construction of 12 residential blocks and complexes, and is currently working on 4 projects in Chisinau.

The D & D Construction Company was set up in May 2013. Initially, the founders of the company were Ivan and Lidia Andienco, Svetlana Darda’s parents.


Over the years, the list of founders has changed several times, and in February 2017, the entire business was recorded into the name of Daniela Unc.

daniela unc.jpg

Source: Svetlana Darda and Daniela Unc. Source: Facebook

It should be mentioned that Svetlana and Iurie Darda's daughter is 22 years old and is a student at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Medicine in Bucharest.

Daniela Unc 2.jpg

Daniela Unc. Source: Facebook

In 2016, Daniela married Alexandru Unc, who works in the Romanian show biz. The newlywed live in Bucharest.

Daniela Unc 3.jpg

Alexandru and Daniela Unc. Source:

Officially, the company's administrator is Eugeniu Tantar, who is said to be a relative of Roman Dragomir. Eugeniu is Ion Tantar’s brother, a member of the LP and an activist within the territorial organization of LP in Rascani District.   


Eugeniu and Ion Tantar. Sursa: Facebook


From left to right: Ion and Veronica Tantar with Iurie Darda. Source: Facebook


From left to right: Nicolae Balaur, Ion Tantar and Alexandru Leahu. Source: Facebook

Iurie Darda has repeatedly stated that he has nothing to do with D & D Company. "Neither me nor anyone of my family, have ever been the owners of the D & D construction company or of another company that works on this site. The Dardas own two construction companies: Dansicons LLC and Darsimid LLC," Liberal Darda wrote on his page in June 2016 after the collapse of the building of a commercial bank, located near the D & D Company on Miron Costin street.

Previously, the position of the D & D Company manager had been held by Nicolae Balaur, a young activist of the LP Territorial Organization of Rascani District, who was made a councilor when Darda reached the Parliament and in January 2017, being only 29 years old, was appointed praetor of the Rascani District of Chisinau.

Sources from Balaur's entourage have told us that, although he holds an original Bachelor's degree, he never graduated from the Technical University of Moldova. However, we could not check this information. We only have data that while working for D & D Company, Dansicons built a residential complex on the territory of TUM’s student town.

Shadow Activity of D & D Company

According to the, D & D is a newly formed company, which aims to build from its own sources housing of the best quality "at affordable prices, in the best places of Chisinau".

In the four years of its activity, the company has built three residential complexes, a commercial complex, a block of flats and a multi-storied car park on Testemitanu Street, next to a residential complex built by Dansicons. 

Sources inside D & D informed us that the company had been founded to help launder the capital and transfer it to Romania. 

Our sources informed us that D & D Company has begun to sell the construction land on Bukovina Street in Stauceni. Some of the land was already purchased by Nucusoara Company, which provides taxi services.
Thus, on September 15, 2016, Nucusoara Company purchased from the Paraus, Darda’s employees, a plot of land of 0.15 Ares. Later, on October 4, 2016, the same company buys from D & D Company two plots of land with an area of ​​0.0345 and 0.05 Ares, both purchased in 2014 by D & D Company.


Incidentally or not, but the real estate was formed when Iurie Darda was a member of the Stauceni Council. 


A pack of document copies, provided by a former employee of D & D Company, demonstrates that more tricks had been used to increase the company's expenses and evade taxes. For example, D & D and other firms, registered into the names of Darda's trusted people, concluded contracts for the provision of various services, which in reality were not provided, but made it possible to withdraw money from the account prior to taxation. Thus, Ideal Construct and D & D Company, entered into a brokerage agreement in 2014 to lease and sell real estate facilities.  Please note that until January 2017, including at the time of concluding the agreement, D & D Company was the founder of Ideal Construct.

Iurie Darda's father-in-law was also involved in the money-laundering schemes. Thus, on January 1, 2014, Ivan Andrienco leased to Darsivid 165 square meters of premises on 5 Industrial Street in Stauceni for a monthly rate of 9075 lei. In May 2014, Andrienco offered for rent to D & D Company 45 square meters, situated at the same address, requesting 2000 lei per month.

On April 9, 2014, Darda's father-in-law signed a similar contract with Egostil LLC for  the rent of 55 square meters for 2970 lei per month. Ideal Construct also signed a contract with Andrienco on Jan. 2, 2014, on the rental of 56 square meters on 5 Industrial Street for an amount of 3,400 lei per month.

Another money-laundering scheme provided for the lease of vehicles from company employees and people close to the company managers or founders. On April 1, 2014, Egostil rented a Nissan from Andrei Corovai, who was the founder Egostil. In 2014, while managing the D & D Company, Oleg Gutu offered to the company that he managed two luxury cars. Instead, the company offered a Skoda Superb as a service car to Nicolae Balaur. 

Real estate in Stauceni

Iurie Darda has been in close relationships with the former Mayor of Stauceni, Ion Dragomir, who was in this position for almost 20 years. The former mayor has been repeatedly suspected of embezzling communal lands, but he has never been convicted.

The Center for Journalistic Investigations wrote in 2010 about illegal land affairs of the former mayor Ion Dragomir, his son, Roman, and his godfather, Iurie Darda.


Roman Dragomir. Source: Facebook

Being business partners in Dansicons and having obtained almost free of charge land in the center of Stauceni, the two, godfather and godson, built in two years a residential complex with a total area of ​​over 16 thousand square meters. 

blocuri dansi

The complex was finished in 2007 when Ion Dragomir lost the elections. 

The godfather and the godson built a luxury neighborhood on Frunze Street next to the complex with multi-storied blocks of flats. 

locuinte d

One of the luxury dwellings was registered into the name of Darda spouses.


According to the cadastral data, Iurie Darda sold his house to his parents- in-law. In 2014, they gave it up to Pavel Cojuhari, who in 2016 sold it to the liberal activist and Darda's partner, Ion Tantar.

Our sources told us that the praetor of Rascani District of Chisinau, Nicolae Balaur, lives in the same neighborhood. 

Houses near the church

The Dardas own two houses and two plots of 0.8 Ares each on Olga Vrabie Street, located in a luxury neighborhood near the Technical University of Moldova. 

casă biserică.jpg

One of the real estate facilities is registered into the name of Darda’s daughter, Daniela Unc, and another, into the name of Svetlana Darda’s parents. According to the cadastral data, both buildings became the ownership of the deputy’s family in November 2014.

The building on Olga Vrabie Street was originally purchased by Anatolie Goncear in late 2013, and before it became the property of Daniela Unc, it changed its owner four times. Similarly, cadastral records show that the old building situated on that area had been demolished and in less than a year, by November 11, 2014, another building was commissioned.

The same scheme was used in the case of the second building. In late 2013, Anatolie Goncear purchased the building, demolished, reconstructed the old one and changed the owner four times, and in November 2014, a new building was commissioned and registered into the name of Svetlana Darda's parents.


There is a church nearby with landscaping work still under way on its territory. 


The church vicar is Anatolie Goncear, who, according to the cadastral data, bought at the end of 2013 the plots of land and buildings on Olga Vrabie Street and sold them to a company. Moreover, in October 2013, the priest became the owner of the building and the surrounding land, where the church was subsequently built. Please note that Anatolie Goncear has a residence visa in a students’ dormitory of the Technical University on Studentilor Street.


A parish clerk told us that Iurie Darda is the founder of the church and it had been built on his money. At the same time, several sources told us that the land, on which the two buildings of the Darda family are located belonged to the church.

The church decorated Iurie Darda three times. In 2012, the unionist Darda received the Stefan cel Mare si Sfant medal from the Moldovan Metropolitan Church, subjected to canonical jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Russia. In 2013, Darda was already decorated by the Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia under the canonical jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Romania with the order the Cross of the Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia. The last decoration, the Order of Secondary Church Merit of the Metropolitan of Moldova, was awarded to the Liberal MP by the Pro-Russian Metropolitan Church in 2014.

As claimed by the NAC employees, transfer of capital to Romania cannot be a life ring for corrupt Moldovan businessmen, "The situation is not the same as it used to be a few years ago. We have collaborative agreements and it is much easier to investigate such cases."

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