Sergiu Cebotari, former Head of Finance and Internal Audit Department of Posta Moldovei, said in an interview with the NM portal, that they have documents confirming the Posta Moldovei management and DP representatives are involved in the smuggling of anabolic substances.

Sergiu Cebotari was arrested on July 29 on his way to the Parliament. He was going to submit documents confirming the involvement of the management and representatives of the Democratic Party in smuggling of anabolic substances to the investigative body. The following officals were involved in the scheme: Deputy Director of Posta Moldovei Serghei Batiusca, Director of Posta Moldovei, Serghei Nastas, DP deputy Eugen Nichiforciuc, deputy and president of the DP Vladimir Plahotniuc. "I was going to the Parliament. I was arrested in my own backyard: they simply stopped the car, I climbed into it and I was transported to Nisporeni,"  he says.

Cebotari was detained for 72 hours, he was not heard by the police, and on Monday he was taken to court. There, Sergiu Cebotari learned that 16 people complained against him because he allegedly had not paid MDL 280 thousand for their work in 2011-2014. The former employee of Posta Moldovei says that at the end of 2011 he established the agricultural firm Sercon Lux Group, which processed more than 700 ha of land in Grozesti, Barboieni, Soltanesti Valea-Trestieni, being one of the largest households in Nisporeni. Cebotari says that the depositions filed against him are made by employees who violated the law themselves, and by some people, he does not know. "Here, for example, Ion Nacu. This person, in 2011, worked for me for 3-4 months as a guard, he stole my car, of the model Niva from a supervised territory and had an accident with it. He caused a loss of MDL 40 thousand. He was supposed to be judged, but I'd forgiven him and left him alone, because he was an old person. And after that, he writes that he worked for me for four years. He received his salary for these four months, but he still owes me for the broken car. There is one more guard who says he worked on me. But I don't even have his work record card. How could he work for me? And the rest, I simply do not know them. "

The businessman has some debts (MDL 20-30 thousand), which he promises to return after the firm passes through the insolvency process and the money will come on the account of the company. Cebotari says the company went bankrupt because of thefts in large proportions, which caused damage of about MDL 6 million. According to him, in the autumn of 2013, there have been stolen about 100 tons of sunflower and 60 tonnes of maize and also the tobacco gathered from 11 hectares. In 2014, there were stolen 45 ha of sunflower and 56 hectares of maize. 2 other robberies took place in spring of 2015 in the warehouse where they kept the seeds and herbicides. There is a suspect in this case, but the case initiated on his name had been kept between the police and the prosecution for around a year and has not reached the court yet. Currently the Civic Platform Dignity and Truth activist lives on child allowance and aid received from parents.

Cebotari links his arrest to some disclosures made in the media about the smuggling schemes through Posta Moldovei. According to him, Posta Moldovei employees who were forced to check the contents of the packages, allegedly wrote parcels with anabolics that they were cosmetic products, books, pencils. Posta Moldovei leadership - Nastas,  Batiuşca and the chief of the postal section 2000 supervised the process. Sealed packets were coming from people who then passed it to the US and European countries. Every day or every other day were passed around 600-700, even 1.000 parcels. Cebotari discovered the scheme in November 2012. Batiușca and the General Director of Posta Moldovei, Stefan Munteanu did not want to sign the proposed act and indicated in writing that everything is okay.

Sergiu Cebotari decided to launch his own investigation and began collaborating with journalists and he made public statements only after some people who would ensure security for himself and his family appeared.

Those interested in a proper inquiry would be the German Embassy and the United States Embassy. When Cebotari statements appeared in the press, ISS has discovered about 400 packages with anabolics in the International Airport on the board of a flight to Frankfurt. The packages had the stamp "Posta Moldovei" and had the label "Books" glued.

Being asked why he did not make public the documents he had been talking about for so long or why he did not send them to the head of the parliamentary commission  the Liberal Democrat Gregorie Cobzacu, Sergiu Cebotari said that he submitted several documents, evidence that showed that they were forging stamps and parcels never went through the register. But committee members, the democrat Marcel Raducan and former communist Anatoly Zagorodii, said that this is no proof and required the original documents. "When I told Cobzac on the phone that I have the originals, he hung up. They are seeking them. They conducted searches at my home: searched for documents, hard drives. The originals are buried, but in what garden I will tell them in autumn, so they don't dig into all the gardens. "

Sergiu Cebotari intends to publish the documents when they will not affect the work of the parliamentary commission, whose mandate was extended until 15 September. He is also investigating the smuggling of tobacco and alcohol.

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