After last week the civil society from Bucharest was shocked by the news of two suspicious deaths at the Burns Hospital in the capital of Romania, the Romanian authorities announced the first measures to be taken.

According to, the Ministry of Health has allocated about 500,000 lei for the sanitation of the ICU, the accommodation spaces, provision of equipment and furniture, equipping the Transfusion Unit and surgery rooms, to hire a specialist in infections and an epidemiologist. 

At the same time, the respective money will also be spent for the installation of a dispenser for hand disinfectants at the entry and exit of all halls and premises offering health care.

The hospital has 30 days to implement the measures described above.  

Meanwhile, this morning several hospital employees, including Maricela Ardeleanu, doctor in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Hospital for Burns were summoned by prosecutors to make statements in the case of the death of a woman to which another blood type than hers had been administered and of a man whose wounds were contaminated with larvae. 

In these cases, the Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu told Digi24 that the doctor who filmed the wound with worms tried to help the patient after he stopped filming. The Minister states that the problems of the Hospital for Burns in Bucharest are related to poor management.  

„The man died, the way the larvae appeared – this is wrong. It is a matter of management, the manager must be good, have no titles, whoever is a doctor, in any hospital, if the conditions are not able to serve the patient it means that we need another manager. That's a management mistake, we cannot speak of a funding problem, and it is a matter of management. It is perhaps more, a matter of common sense. To put a net in the window, you can do it during lunch break. “

We note that on Thursday, July 14, the Ministry of Health decided to close part of the Emergency Hospital of Plastic Surgery and Burns in Bucharest, following a scandal on the contamination with larvae of a patient, and the death of a woman to whom a wrong blood transfusion has been made. 

In both cases, the Bucharest Prosecutor’s Office got self-informed and opened a criminal case on suspicious death. 

Another problematic hospital in the attention of authorities

In addition, a file opened at Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest was sent today for examination to the National Anticorruption Directorate. 

According to, the case was opened in May, following a notification of the Government after Health Minister's Control Body discovered several irregularities in the functioning of the Unit for the care of persons with serious burn care of the Floreasca Emergency Hospital.

During April 26 to 29 the Control Body of the Minister of Health conducted a check at the medical unit and found several irregularities.

Thus, it was found that the employed medical staff was not fully at work, that the medical institution is not provided with an evacuation in case of fire, the access procedures in case of a severely burned patient are missing, as well as treatment procedures and protocols.

During the checks carried out by the control committee on the functioning of medical devices it was found out that the barocamera is not installed nor is it functional, although there is a minute on commissioning and training of medical personnel to use the equipment.

Although the department has been equipped since 2013, it’s barely two years later, in April 2015, that the operation permits have been issued. Subsequently it has been the problem of specialization of medical staff. The cost for this project was of 8.5 million, and the funds were allocated by the Ministry of Health and the Municipality of Sector 1.

All these irregularities detected by the Court of Accounts of Romania and the Government in Bucharest are to be investigated by DNA employees. 

We note that the Floreasca Hospital has six rooms with special equipment unique in Romania, where six patients with severe burns can be treated simultaneously. After the tragedy from Colectiv, the blockage of the section led to a public scandal because the patients with serious burns could not be admitted to the unit.

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