Shor, remains under house arrest, by this judgment, the Court of Appeal upheld the decision at the first instance.

Magistrates decided to dismiss the appeal of the lawyer and maintain the Buiucani Court decision extending the mandate under house arrest for another 30 days, without amendments this decision was final.

Ilan Shor said that he will prove his innocence.

Traditionally, the day Shor is in the Court of Appeal, dozens of people support him through protests, chanting "Freedom" and "Ilan we are with you", "Justice is with us."

Shor personally thanked the crowd with a waving gesture while protesters chanted "Ilan Shor".

Shor's lawyers consider the court's decision unfounded, which is based on the same arguments as in the previous cases. "The state accuser would come up with new evidence to support preventive measure but this has not been done, is contrary to the law", said the lawyers.

Advocates also say they will seek to change the preventive measure at the preliminary hearing.

The first hearing in the case of Shor will take place on 10 September.

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