The judge dismissed the request of Ilan Shor's lawyers, of placing him under judicial control.

Ilan Shor, said the decision is unfair because he collaborates with the investigation. Shor was accompanied by several bodyguards.

However, the businessman refused to comment on the accusations made by Veaceslav Platon.

The prosecutor investigating the case said: The court decided to satisfy the request made by the Prosecution. Certain steps have been filed but the defense will be examined in the next hearing. The arrest was prolonged because there are risks that motivates this approach, we have no other new circumstances, we can not afford to demand the arrest of Ilan Shor in the insulator, " said the prosecutor

Lawyers of Ilan Shor consider that the decision is unfounded and will contest it at the Court of Appeal.

"The arguments of the prosecutor are repeated from June, when Shor was arrested. Prosecution considers that Shor, may influence witnesses, he can leave the country, and destroy evidence, without paying attention to the fact that Ilan has actively cooperated with the investigation, the Prosecutor's position looks absurd" says one of the lawyers.

Meanwhile, the lawyers did not provide information about witnesses and other details from the file on the grounds that: "It remains secret, you will find out at the appropriate time."

As we already got used to, thousands of people protested today in front of the Buiucani Court in support of the mayor of Orhei. Protesters chanted: "Ilan Shor, we are with you", "Freedom".

The crowd was led by Inna Popenco, social-political movement Ravnopravie candidate for president.

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