Ilan Shor makes new revelations about Veaceslav Platon, after he denounced his collaboration with the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat.

In the report that came into the possession of the publication, Shor speaks about his dealings with Platon. According to the mayor of Orhei, in the autumn of 2014, Platon asked him for help in covering a loan from Victoriabank.

In this regard, Shor granted Platon several credits from the Savings Bank of Moldova (BEM), the sum amounted to tens of millions of euros.

"Also on 19.11.2014, I do not remember exactly by what method, possibly by Viber application, Veaceslav Platon sent me the bank requisites of the company that would receive these funds, mainly ZENIT MANAGEMENT LP. As far as I knew, that company was managed by Ion Rusu in the interests of Vladimir Filat.

Thus, Genyral Trade transferred to Zenit Management 13,579,228 euros of the funds, received from Transmark Export and Globus Corporation into the accounts with AS PrivatBank, "said Shor to the prosecution, according to

According to Shor, this amount came from the Savings Bank and the money was transferred through accounts of several companies, so as to lose the money trail.

Below you can find Shor’s statement with regard to Platon’s financing. 




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