The magistrates of Buiucani District Court extended today Ilan Shor’s house arrest warrant for another 30 days. The decision was taken at the request of the prosecutor Andrei Baiesu.

Andrei Baiesu said he requested an extension of Ilan Shor’s house arrest to exclude the risks of damaging the investigation.  The prosecutor added that several applications were submitted, but the priority was given to the examination of the extension of the detention order to avoid the expiry of legal examination deadline.

Later, the hearing was postponed because new materials were requested.

Ilan Shor's defenders declared that the decision on the extension of Shor’s arrest was unfounded. According to them, the court reiterated the same arguments, brought by the prosecutor 6 months ago, but during this time, neither the court nor the prosecutor came with new arguments, as required by the law.

The lawyers said they would challenge the court’s decision to the Court of Appeal.

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