The mayor of Orhei, Ilan Shor, has received another 30 days of house arrest. The decision was passed on May 16, by the magistrates of the Chişinău Court, Buiucani headquarters.

The arrest warrant was prolonged until June 17, and the mayor's lawyer said he would appeal the decision to the Chisinau Court of Appeal.

The lawyer  Iulian Balan, , said at the end of the court hearing that the judge's decision is unfounded and contravenes national and contravention provisions. At the same time, the lawyer believes that as long as Shor has cooperated with the criminal prosecution body, he should have been released from detention. Also, at this stage of the case, the witnesses of the prosecution are heard, the witnesses of the defense being subsequently heard.

Iulian Balan also said that Shor’s case contains about 14 volumes and the examination procedure takes place extremely fast.

The mayor of Orhei and businessman Ilan Shor was detained in June of 2016, and he was accused of scarcely large scammers and money laundering.

Recall that a camouflage netting of about 5 meters has been installed in front of the house where Ilan Shor resides, which keeps the building from the eyes of passers-by.

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