Sixteen people detained for rigging the auction and supply of spoiled foodstuffs to schools and kindergartens

12:00 Sixteen people have been detained, by this time, after the searches, carried out by the NAC officers and anticorruption prosecutors. Officials from the municipal education directorates of all the districts of Chisinau and representatives of businesses are among those detained.

The persons concerned have been detained for 72 hours and escorted to the NAC for hearings.

11:30 The heads of education directorates of all the five districts of Chisinau were detained by anticorruption officers for having rigged the public tenders for purchase of food supplies for schools and kindergartens in the capital. Simultaneously, anticorruption officers arrested the five economic agents, beneficiaries of the rigged tenders.

Anticorruption prosecutors raided on Thursday, November 24, and carried out searches in the offices and homes of civil servants and economic agents. They seized several documents for further investigation. 

Angela Starinschi, press officer of the NAC, has said that all the ten detainees are being heard at the moment. According to Starinschi, prosecutors have evidence that spoiled foods have been purchased for schools and kindergartens.

Chisinau mayor came up with a response, claiming that he knew about that issue, they even several times discussed it. Chirtoaca added that he had warned the education officials that they would be held responsible for the violations. 

The investigation, carried out by CrimeMoldova, shows that most of educational institutions in Chisinau are provided with foodstuffs by the Central Market municipal enterprise. Several school headmasters told us that although the Central Market ME rents spaces in educational institutions, it does not pay for the rent, heating, electricity and water, these expenses being relegated to the educational institutions that are financed from the municipal budget.

It is also known that the Central Market ME is one of the major financiers of the Liberal Party in the election campaigns, whose vice president is Dorin Chirtoaca.

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