Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office finished the criminal investigation and the criminal case of the Taraclia Attorney , accused of committing power abuse.

We remind that the criminal case was initiatedby the interim General Attorney, Eduard Harunjen, based on the complaint submitted by an enterprise directory who complains of abusive actions of the district prosecutor to obtain benefit or property that does not belong to him.

According to the document instituting and the materials gained it was established that, making power abuse, the prosecutor of Taraclia forced the director of a state enterprise to build at the expense of the company, a stretch of about 400 meters of road in the village of Cazaclia, to ensure one of his relatives access to the central route of the village. Also, at the request of the district prosecutor, the head of the company was obliged to supply 10 tonnes of granite gravel, construction materials and other goods to be used for personal purposes, communicates the General Prosecutor.

In total, according to estimates, the Taraclia prosecutor prejudiced the economic agent with about MDL 75 thousand, which is considerable proportions. Subsequently, at the request of the Head of the company to pay the amount of work performed and materials used, the local prosecutor initiated several investigations, including the initiation of a criminal case.

For this criminal offense, the law provides a fine of 1.000 to 2.000 conventional units or imprisonment for up to 6 years.

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