Ion Prisăcaru, who has held several public offices, especially at FISC (State Tax Service), wants to become general secretary of state at the Ministry of Finance. The former head of the FISC has made a fortune of millions, securing financially both his sons, who also makes millions out of his businesses. Moreover, Prisăcaru, who has migrated from one party to another, in addition to taking advantage of the public function to obtain advantageous contracts with state-owned companies for the company, has established some schemes to avoid paying taxes for some of its properties.


Ion Prisăcaru,

After activating a period in Balti in 1994, Ion Prisăcaru came to Chisinau as first deputy of the Fiscal Inspectorate in the capital. He served as Chief of the State Tax Inspectorate in two periods, from 1995 to 1998 and from 2013 until 2016.

From 2001 to 2006 he was the Economist at CTC Tutun. Since 1999, Prisăcaru has founded several accounting and auditing firms. Prisăcaru was a SDP member for some time. With the coming to power of the LDPM, Ion Prisăcaru became a member of this party, becoming the first deputy chairman of the Chisinau Municipal Organization of LDPM and 85th candidate on the list of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova in the 2010 parliamentary elections.

prisacaru pldm

Ion Prisăcaru,

On May 17, 2013, at the direction of Vlad Filat, Prisăcaru is appointed for the second time at the head of State Tax Service by an order signed by the former Minister of Finance, Veaceslav Negruţa. At the end of January, 2016, Ion Prisăcaru announced his resignation. The request was filed shortly after Prime Minister Pavel Filip requested for Prisăcaru to be suspended from office on the grounds that the FISC would carry out huge abuses and that bribes were paid in enormous amounts.

On July 8, 2016, Ion Prisăcaru was elected by the shareholders of Victoriabank, a member of the Bank's Board of Directors, controlled by Vlad Plahotniuc. Now, when Transilvania Commercial Bank of Romania is a few steps away from acquiring Victoriabank, Ion Prisăcaru is looking for a new job and is joining, together with Igor Dodon's man, the post of Secretary of the Ministry of Finance.

lista MF

Ion Prisăcaru appeared in several reports of the Court of Auditors, because he was using public money incorrectly.

According to the data of the Clean Moldova Association, in April and July 2009, Prisăcaru submitted to the CEC statements of income in which there were discrepancies regarding his incomes and properties.

In 2015, when Ion Prisăcaru was head of FISC, the World Bank provided the Republic of Moldova with a 300,000 US dollars grant to modernize the tax system.

"The Palace" in the Ciocârliei neighborhood

Ion Prisăcaru lives in a sumptuous building in the famous neighborhood of Ciocarliei in Chisinau.


The house, with an area of ​​at least 200 square meters, is on a land of 0.13 ha.

The land was procured in 2006 from the local public administration by the audit firm Ecofin - Audit - Service LLC., founded and managed by Ion Prisăcaru. Please note that the property was procured by Ecofin - Audit - Service LLC. in 2002, from JSC Anghelina, who built the house on a public property.

In 2008, Prisăcaru spouses buy the land and house from their own company.

Although Ion Prisăcaru has been living in this house for years, according to the cadastral data, the building was not put into operation, which allowed him not to pay several years of taxes on the house, but only for land, according to the provisionsof Title II of the Fiscal Code.

In the last declaration of income submitted by Ion Prisăcaru as a public figure for the year 2015, the land cost him over 1 million lei, and the house, 2 million 500 thousand lei.

In the years 2014-2015, the price of a plot of land for construction in Chisinau was 18 thousand euros, and in 2008-2010, 25 thousand euros. So in 2008, the price of this land was at least 300 thousand euros. The market price of a 200 square meter building in Chisinau is at least 200 thousand euros.

"Castles" for his sons

Although Ion Prisăcaru has a large house, his two sons, Viorel and Stanislav, have built luxury houses on Târgovişte Street in the Ciocana sector of the capital.


The two buildings are located in the same courtyard, which is under construction, and finishing works inside the house are carried out.

At the address on Târgovişte street there are two land registered with two different cadastral numbers. The first plot, with an area of ​​0.094 ha, was procured by Prisăcaru brothers at the end of 2014, together with a dwelling house and several auxiliary buildings, which they demolished.

The second land, with an area of ​​0.1297 square meters, was formed following a decision of the Chisinau Municipal Council in April 2013, when more real estate (land) was formed to be allocated in private ownership.

Although the two brothers are not owner-in-law, one of the two constructions extends to a plot of land not belonging to them. The houses are not registered in the Cadastre.

Maria Olaru, the neighbor of the Prisăcaru brothers, claims that she initially had a good relationship with Stanislav and Viorel and even had an understanding with them. Thus, Olaru agreed to connect to the three-phase high-voltage grid, and the two brothers would instead give her access to the sewer system. After receiving the neighbor's agreement, the Prisăcaru brothers "forgot" about the promise made.

Maria Olaru told us that since then, the Prisăcaru family has turned her life into an nightmare. The woman wins her existence by washing a car, and the FISC, while led by Ion Prisăcaru, has imposed more fines on her. Moreover, Olaru says she has been detained several times by the police, and has been subjected to repression by law enforcement, and has been repeatedly amended.

Apartments, farmland and dormitory rooms

In addition to the buildings described above, the Prisăcaru family owns agricultural land and some more houses. Two rooms are registered on Viorel Prisăcaru's name, 18,6 and 19 square meters, from a house on Burebista Street in the capital. The buildings were procured by Ion and Maria Prisăcaru in 2000, and two years later, according to cadastral records, they were sold to their son, Viorel.

Ion Prisăcaru's younger son, Stanislav, has registered three farm lands in his father's village, Baraboi, Doduseni district, which he rents out.

Viorel Prisăcaru owns a plot of 5 hectares in the outskirts of Durleşti, which can be used as a garden at the moment. Our sources claim that in the near future land use could be changed to construction land.

Stanislav Prisăcaru owns an apartment of 81.8 square meters, which he would have purchased in 2004, when he was only 19 years old.

At the end of 2015, Ion Prisăcaru sold an apartment of 51 square meters in the Ciocana sector.

Prisăcaru family business

Ion Prisăcaru and his sons have several successful businesses in Chisinau.

Thus, the father and his son, Viorel, 38, are the founders of the audit firm Ecofin-audit-service.

viorel prisacaru

Viorel Prisăcaru,

The company was founded in 2001, when Viorel was 21 years old. The director of the company is Ion Prisăcaru, who did not give up his position even when he was at the head of FISC. In 2015, then Prime Minister Iurie Leanca called for the resignation of Ion Prisăcaru from the position of Chief of the State Tax Service: "The question arises: What kind of public interest served the impartiality and objectivity of the Fisc chief, in which he has so far been the owner of a company working to reduce revenues to the state budget as well as providing the bridge between tax payers and tax authorities? ", said Leanca.

Prisăcaru's audit company's clients include several companies with foreign capital, such as JSC Moldova Gaz (Russia), Red Union Fenosa JSC (Spain), Orange Moldova (France), etc.

The enterprise of Ion and Viorel Prisăcaru is located at 34, Kogălniceanu Street, in the historical center of Chisinau.


Both the land, as well as the two buildings with the area of ​​122.6 and 42.5 m.p., are owned by the audit firm.

Also at this address is the Ecofin-consult-evaluation company, which provides services in the real estate field. The company is founded by Ion Prisăcaru, and Viorel Prisăcaru is the administrator.

Also, Cetigan LLC specialized in the production of frozen meat products and pastries, has its legal address on Kogalniceanu street no.34, and Ion Prisăcaru is an active promoter of products on social networks.


The company was founded and led by Gabriel Ceban until February 2017.


The production department of the semi-finished products is located on the Uzinelor street in the capital.


At the beginning of this year, the company changed its legal address, and the Ecofin-consult-evaluation company appeared as founder.

Cristina Prisăcaru, wife of Stanislav Prisăcaru’s wise, appears as manager of the company, instead of Gabriel Ceban.

cristina prisacaru

Cristina Prisăcaru,

Stanislav Prisăcaru is 32 years old, worked for a while in the police, then at the Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture. Recently Stanislav Prisăcaru began his career as a prosecutor after graduating from the National Institute of Justice in March, 2017.

His brother, Viorel Prisăcaru, has a business in the spa resort on the bank of the Dniester River in Vadul lui Voda.

It is about the "Chişla Nouă" pension and the "Poseidon" restaurant, which are managed by „ Chişla Nouă”.

The buildings are located on the territory of the local public administration of Vadul lui Voda and belong to a citizen named Pavel Jurov, who took the land for lease until 2031.

At present, Ion Prisăcaru is President of the Association of Auditors and Consultants in Management of Moldova "Ecofin-consult". This association appears as a co-founder, alongside Viorel Prisăcaru, of the periodical "Fin - consultant". The manager of the company, which is responsible for publishing the magazine, is Rodica Prisăcaru, Viorel Prisăcaru’s wife.

rodica prisacaru

Ion Prisăcaru pleads with integrity and repeatedly stated that he has made his fortune from money earned honestly.

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