The hearing that had to extend the measure of preventive arrest for Radu Blaj, deputy head of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of Chisinau City Hall, was postpone.

The reason is the lack of a judgment, issued by the Court of Appeal, under which he was transferred from house arrest to preventive arrest.

Radu Blaj refused to make any statements to the press, he said only, "No comment, I’m not guilty of anything."

Blaj's lawyer said the hearing took place, but it has not been completed, the court adjourned the hearing for 24 August. The lawyer also said that Blaj is not guilty and did not commit any crime.

Radu Blaj was detained on 25 May 2016, together with the Deputy Mayor of Chisinau Vlad Cotet. The arrest took place after two searches, carried out by anticorruption prosecutors and officers of the NAC.

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