At the Giurgiuleshti port was detected a very questionable business activity with the participation of the former Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova members, businessmen, Azerbaijani, Swiss and Dutch companies, as well as the EBRD's employees. All of them were mentioned by a group of journalists from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine in the "False flags of Moldova: Azerbaijan-Netherlands track" investigation. The investigation was published by

harta.pngThe location of the port Giurgiuleshti. Source: (2009)

From the very beginning

The business history in Giurgiuleshti began in 1993 when former Prime Minister Andrei Sangheli with the members of the Cabinet offered to build a port in the Prut River area, where it enters into the Danube.

harta1.pngThe general plan of the port. Source: (2009)

To implement this initiative, the government has taken a 25.5 million dollars loan from the EBRD. After 10 years since the initiation of the project there has been completed only 30% of the planned actions.

Already in 2004, the new government, led by the Communist party, "reanimated" this project by signing an agreement on concession for 99 years with three Azerbaijani companies - Azpetrol, Azertrans and Azpetrol Rafinery. All of them were "branches" of one of the Baku main company. Those three companies offered 250 million dollars investment. In addition, the Azerbaijani investors were obliged to repay the credit of Moldova to the EBRD, as well as to build an oil terminal for Moldova.

Today, the Communists accuse the former members of their Party (Lupu, who signed an investment agreement and Dodon, who signed the other necessary documents as the Minister of Economy) in the transfer of the Giurgiuleshti port in the concession on the unfavorable conditions for the state.

The investment agreement, signed on December, 29 in 2004, was published only recently by the former deputy from the Communist Party Aleksandr Petkov. He also said that "The Giurgiuleshti port is currently under the Plahotniuc’s control through his representative Vaja Jhashi, who is an American citizen."

The head of the business

moser.pngThe key figure of the all businesses associated with the Giurgiulesti port, is Thomas Moser and the Dutch company Easeur Holding BV. After working in the German Bank of Development, Moser since 1996 worked in the EBRD, in the department of project development of the oil sector. Three years later (1999), he became an employee of the EBRD president office of (Horst Kohler, the head of IMF in 2000-2004).

In 2001, Moser is the head of the EBRD office in the Azerbaijan, and in 2003 he took the post of vice-president of one of the departments in the Azpetrol.

In 2005, after the Azpetrol’s head Rafik Aliev was arrested in Baku, Moser became the manager of the Azpetrol, Azertrans and Azpetrol Rafinery. Moser renames them to Bemol Retail, Bemol Rafinery and Danube Logistics.

At the same time, in the Qatari press Moser made a statement on the initiative of the construction of an oil terminal in the RM. He knew the stage of the project, being one of negotiators of the EBRD in 2001-2003, who were discussing the repayment of the debt owed to the EBRD by Moldova.

According to the investment agreement with the Republic of Moldova, all the petroleum products imported through the port are exempted from customs duties and VAT. The Bemol was granted the right to calculate VAT of gasoline and diesel fuel for sale. The company was exempted from payment of excise tax, which had no effect on the company's products prices: they have an average Moldovan market price.

Financial ping-pong

In 2011 the Easeur Holding BV, having huge debts, convinced its main creditor Credit Suisse and its “branch” the New Ventures Capital NV (owned by Rafik Aliev) to write their debt to the Credit Suisse off.

Under the terms of the repayment agreement, Danube Logistics Holding BV (a company owned by Credit Suisse and Moser), acquired from Easeur Holding BV 80% of Danube Logistics SRL. The Danube Logistics SRL had also to pay all the debts of the Easeur Holding BV and Bemol Retail SRL, estimated at about 36.1 million dollars.

In 2015, between the Danube Logistics and EASEUR Holding began disagreements that led to the litigations.

False flag.png

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