Today was supposed to take place the first hearing in the case of Vlad Filat, the hearing was postponed to September 27, because not all appealants were present.

Filat's lawyer, Igor Popa says that there are still six appealants, names of which will not be disclosed, it is known that they are individuals and businesses that are interested in the process.

"We planned to ask for public hearings, we will insist on a fair trial, we want to convince ourselves that there is no evidence and that Filat is innocent. At the Court of Appeal will be invited witnesses rejected by the Buiucani Court, witnesses from the Russian Federation that are dubious persons, former employees at the bank VTB24, Ilan Shor, the statements of which are contradictory and were contradicted by other witnesses. Platon will be invited by us to testify, given that he made public statements that we did not know. We want to establish the truth and will be heard those who will help establish the truth, we will come up with new evidence " stated the lawyer.

Popa also said that Vlad Filat had business relations with Veaceslav Platon.

"Filat will speak to the press in front of a European public prosecutor when his rights will be respected, Pantera officers are not entitled to restrict Filat's right to communicate with the press and subject him to inhuman treatment," added Popa.

Tudor Deliu, present at the Court of Appeal states that: "As in the past we are here to support Filat, we insist that citizens know what is being discussed in the hearings, the process is a political one, we want public hearings to know the truth "

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