The examination of Domnica Manole’s immunity withdrawal in the Supreme Court of Justice has been postponed until September, because the judges are on vacation.

"I'm outraged. They told me straight to my face, "You will reach the ECHR". That means that my rights will not be defended at the national level ", Mrs. Manole said for

Even if the judge and her lawyers asked that the meeting be open to the press, the Supreme Court panel of judges did not allow journalists to film.

Several platforms, led by the former prosecutor of Chisinau Ion Diacov, organized a protest in support of the judge. The protesters chanted in front of the Supreme Court: "Arrest robbers, not judges," "We want fair justice", "Down with the Mafia."

Recall that the interim Prosecutor General, Eduard Harunjen, accused Manole of acting in bad faith, when she decided to oblige the Central Election Commission to organize a referendum to amend the Constitution, as there was a petition signed by more than 400 thousand citizens.

Previously, the Central Election Commission filed a complaint to the SCJ, which says that Domnica Manole issued a decision that was "manifestly illegal" that produced "intentionally negative resonance in the society" and asked the SCJ to take the necessary measures with respect to the judge.

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