The police conduct a range of research at the Hospital for Burns in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. The checks come in the context of two suspicious deaths: in one case is about a patient with worms in wounds and in the second case it is about a woman to which wrong blood transfusion would have been made. 

According to "In both cases the research is carried out under the coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office, affiliated to the Bucharest Court. It has to be determined under what circumstances occurred the death of two people. Currently there are performed certain researches to establish both concrete data on the transfusion and on sanitation, with the support of competent authorities. It was ordered the withdrawal of the necessary medical documents. The auxiliary medical personnel involved in the two cases will also be heard”. 

In this case, today, July 15, the head of the Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy of the Hospital for Burns in Bucharest, Dr Adrian Stanculea, and the chief nurse of the same section will be heard by the officials. 

Press over the Prut writes that in the case of the 77 years old patient, which was brought with burns to the hospital and was filmed while having worms behind the ear, the police will check the regulation on the hygiene in hospitals and the violations that have been committed by doctors in this case. We note that the man died shortly after the terrible movie appeared on the Internet. However the officials do not know if the death occurred due to the contamination of wounds with worms. This will be established after the necropsy results. 

As to the 68 years old woman to whom a transfusion with wrong blood was administered, the main working hypothesis of the investigators is that the doctors have determined the wrong blood type of the patient in the hospital. The investigators are to determine whether the blood transfusion accident is related or not to patient’s death in this case.

Thursday, July 14, Gazeta Sporturilor aired a videotape from the Emergency Hospital of Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Burns in Bucharest with a patient who had worms in a wound on the neck. The images were taken two days ago in the Anaesthesia-Intensive Therapy Section of the hospital.

The Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu said that there are serious problems of management and staff in this hospital. 

Meanwhile, the Sanitary Inspection decided yesterday to suspend the activity of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Department of the Hospital of Burns until the investigation and ordered the application of a contravention fine worth more than a thousand Euros.
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