Since the beginning of 2016 there were already thousands of contracts on public procurements. Most contracts were for food delivery, won by the following companies:

Lovis Angro -–425 contracts from the beginning of the year for 21, 3 mln lei. The company was registered in July 2007 and operates within the industrial park Tracom. Its director is Sofron Lilian. Lovis Angro had several contracts in 2015, amounting 4,5 million lei.

Baguette – 386 contracts at the beginning of the year of 12,1 mln lei. The company was registered in November 2014 in Chisinau, on Varniţa str., 20. Director– Vladimir Agrici. Baguette began to win procurement contracts in just one month since the creation - December 2014, becoming in a year the leader among companies for providing food. It won state auctions. In the period 2014-2015 the company had more than 800 contracts, worth about 24,3 million lei.

Sanex-Comert – 328 contracts at the beginning of the year totaling about 13, 8 mln lei. The company was registered in October 2007 in Alexandrovca village, Ialoveni. Director– Grosu Stepanida. Previous years the company had over 3000 contracts amounting over 190 mln lei. 

Slavena Lux ­ – 143 contracts from the beginning of the year of about 9 million lei. The company was registered in November 2011 in Chisinau, on Bicului str., 1/1. Its director is Alexander Smirnov. In the period 2013-2015 it has won more than 1000 contracts of about 60 million lei.

Lactis JSC – 76 contracts of 5,8 million lei. In 2010 the company was prosecuted for tax evasion and damaging the state budget by 4 million lei.

Lapmol – 70 contracts of 3,3 million lei.

Vlados Com – 64 contracts amounting 5,3 million lei.

oleg-sirbu.jpgAccording to the recent article on the company  was founded by the Democrat  Oleg Sarbu who is its leader in the Registry of SME (Small and Medium Enterprises). To the moment the company won 700 contracts of 51,1 million lei. Vlados Com is not the only company of the the deputy, that received public contracts. The company Maximos Pan won only in 2016 9 contracts worth 456 thousand lei and over 140 contracts in previous years, amounting  7,1 million lei. Another company – "Gloria Qvarc" has won a contract of nearly 1 million lei in 2016 and contracts worth over 3 mln lei in previous years.

Tiramisu – 49 contracts of 2,1 million lei.

Individual Enterprise Nikita Ciobanica – 2,1 million lei.

Serviabil – 44 contracts of 3,6 million lei. According to an article of ZDG  from 2011, the company is representing the company Lactis, which ranks in our top five.

More than 200 contracts of over 6 million lei were concluded with individuals.

Millionaires from a single contract

As for contracts that value more than one million each, the majority were won by state enterprises, but there were also private ones.

Thus, millions were won by state enterprises in forestry. As we wrote in the article "Moldsilva Agency or of a well-rooted corruption" since the beginning of the year the Agency concluded with subordinate enterprises contracts of over 28 mln lei.

Also the State Center for Special Telecommunications won 18 contracts of 35,7 million lei.

Among other state enterprises which have concluded contracts of amount over one million lei there are also Post of Moldova, Moldtelecom, household utilities, Fiscservinform (about 13 mln), Fintehinform (12 mln) Vamservinform (12 mln), Radio communications, resorts, Regia Transport Electric, Cadastral Agency etc.

Among the private companies that won tenders of over one million per contract, the top 10 companies with the largest contracts are:

Barzini-Cons – 8 contracts worth 24,5 million lei,  21,9 million lei of them are from one contract concluded with the City Hall of Falestii Noi city. The accounting of the company in 2009 was Mariana Lungu,  candidate № 57 for the seat of deputy from the Liberal Party in the parliamentary elections in 2009.

Atractiv Invest – 4 contracts of 21, 6 mln, concluded with three municipalities and a school;

Valenscor Design – 2 contracts worth 16,9 million lei, concluded with two municipalities;

Capital LLC – 12,7 million lei of a contract with the Mayor's Office of the village Selishte, Orhei;

Informbusiness – 3 contracts worth 9, 7 mln lei with Regia Transport Electric; 

Regal-Rent – 3 contracts of 9,2 million lei;

Basconslux – 8,3 mln lei contract concluded with the Ministry of Regional Development.

Basconslux is the company that has signed contracts for apartments for judges. According to information from the Internet, the company has a subsidiary in Constantsa, Romania, whose shareholder is a company in Cyprus – Arbitex Enterprises Ltd (25%).

Polimer Gaz Constructii – 3 contracts with three municipalities, amounting 7,6 million lei. The company previously attended auctions with 2 other companies that won contracts of millions: Uralis, Capital and Litarcom, the first two appeared in the top rank.

Also, according to an EBRD document, the company has won a contract of 1,8 million euros in association with Polimer Gaz Conducte in a water development program in Chisinau.

polimer gaz.jpghe reception of Polimer Gaz Constructiii work done in the project for the supply of drinking water to the village Albina, Cimishlia, which cost about 1 million lei, including allocated Ecological Fund (a. 2013). Photo source:

In 2009-2010, according to information on the Consolidated Unit for Implementing Energy Projects web-site, the company had million dollar contracts with several municipalities and district councils. According to the top of winners of public tenders conducted in 2014 by mold-street, Polimer Gaz was the 5th in the top 10.

Pneubox - a contract of 7,3 million lei with Regia Autosalubritate;

Uralis - a contract worth over 7 mln lei.

Contracts of over one million lei were won by at least 18 another private companies. 


Renam is the only public association figuring in contracts concluded this year. It concluded eight contracts of 1,5 million lei for various services with several universities.

The head of the association is Ion Bostan, rector of TUM (Technical University of Moldova). In the period 2011-2015, the association had over 40 contracts of over 8 mln lei.

Millions in Education

Ministry of Education concluded since the beggining of the year about 49 contracts for nearly half a billion lei (483,8 million lei), being a public institution that spent the most money on procurements this year. The universities were the beneficiary of the millions for the provision of educational services and / or training. As well several millions were allocated for textbooks. The beneficiary were publishers: ARC, Stiinta ISEP, Prut International, Cartier, Lumina, Epigraf, Litera International.

Happy family Duca

The collaboration of spouses Duca isn't tied only with ownership of land, but also with public procurement. 


Since the beginning of 2016, the Academy of Science of Moldova has concluded with the University of Academy, led by Maria Duca, wife of ASM President, three contracts of over 10 million lei. They were concluded on the same day – 08.02.16 for educational services.

ASM University was the only participant in all the tenders. 

Public procurement contract


The Academy of Science of Moldova

University of Academy of Science of Moldova

Educational services for the realization of the plan of prepairing professional personnel

7, 612 mln

Public procurement contract


The Academy of Science of Moldova

University of Academy of Science of Moldova

Educational services for the nomination to doctoral studies

3, 931 mln

Public procurement contract


The Academy of Science of Moldova

University of Academy of Science of Moldova

Educational services of master courses in the university

643 200     mln

Who delivers petroleum products?

In contracts regarding the oil products there are two top oil companies: Lukoil and Petrol Tirex.

The first has already won 87 contracts of 28,3 million lei and is among the economic operators who had the largest number of contracts.

The second company signed 51 contracts of about 14 million lei. Tirex Petrol associates are the deputies from the Liberal Party – Ion Casian (58 shares) and Mihai Ghimpu (35 shares).

Other oil companies benefiting from public contracts are: Petrom Moldova, Petrocub, Rompetrol, Basa Oil, Bemol Retail, Comert Gaz, etc., but they have much more little contracts than Lukoil and Tirex. We can include here the company "Gloria Qvarc" of the Democrat Oleg Sirbu, who won a contract for nearly one million lei this year and more than 3 mln lei in previous years.


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