There is a drama of  “mysterious” property unfolding in Moldova. The reports that the Taraclia city at the south of the country can remain without a lake that protects the city from inundations. The actual topic of the piece is the battle between the local administration with the unknown capturer.

The main characters are:

The Mayor’s Office of Taraclia city (The Mayor– Serghey Filipov)

The Security and Information Service

Prosecutor’s General Office

Prosecutor’s General Office of the Taraclia district

The Cadastral Office of Taraclia

The Economical Court of Appeals of Chishinau

Serghey Kiase, the head of the cooperative “Rodina Nova”

Dumitru Vulpe, the “owner” of the “Stalin’s lake”

Petru Topala, the state inspector for construction in the Taraclia district

Action 1

In 2008-2009 the state allocated from the budget of Taraclia city 3,5 mln lei for the rehabilitation of the barrage on the so-called “Stalin’s lake”. The lake protects the city from inundations that happen too often in the region. Since 2004 the lake was a property of the Mayor’s Office, but in 2011 there began to happen strange thins with the lake and new barrage.

filipov_6.jpgThe Mayor of the Taraclia city, Serghey Filipov, discovered in 2010 that the lake is offered for sale in the official Monitor of  Moldova. The license took place and the lake was sold to the company DPS-COM. In order to know how the public property became a private one Filipov sent a request to the Security and Information Service, that, in turn, sent it to the Prosecutor’s General Office. The last one sent it to the Prosecutor’s General Office of Taraclia district. The request came to where it began and there is no answer on it.

The prehistory

In 2009 the head of the coop “Rodina Nova” Serghey Kiase came with a request to register the lake in the name of the coop. But, evidently, he couldn’t present any documents proving his right of property. Kiase seized the court and there came out that the origin and the belonging of the lake are unknown. The lake barrage was built too many years ago and there is no project for it. The one thing was pure– every year the repairs for the barrage were made by the Mayor’s Office, because the lake represents an important subject in the infrastructure of the city.  By the way, at that moment there was building a new barrage on the lake on the state money. The state inspector for the construction of the Taraclia district Petru Topala said that the old barrage was built by the state in 1958. There passed more that 30 years since it and so the working lifespan of it expired.

The Court of the Taraclia district denied the request of the “Rodina Nova”.

Action 2

“Rodina Nova” though it’s head seized the Court from Chishinau, where, evidently, didn’t know that there was building a new barrage and took a decision to transfer the right of property of the lake and hydraulic structure to “Rodina Nova”. taraclia_taraclia_net.jpgAs the responder of the suit there was invited (anyone knows why) the financial department of the district, the representatives of which weren’t at the process.  Later the lawyers of the department sent an appeal because of the violation of the rules of the invitation at the process. The court considered they were right and soon they sent a new appeal in order to give back the lake. The court cancelled the previous decision of transferring the rights for the lake to “Rodina Nova”, but there turned out that the lake was already registered in the name of the coop. It means that Serghei Kiase registered the lake in his name before the court permitted it.

Al that time the administration of the city held repair and building works on the lake.

Anyway, the lake wasn’t registered in the name of the Mayor’s Office and this led to a number of strange things.

Action 3

“Sell or change on an apartment in Chishinau a 20 ha lake in Taraclia”:

продаю озеро.pngSource:

In March, 2011 Serghey Kiase announced a tender and sold the lake and barrage to a company DPS-COM, whose founder is Kiase himself. The price of the lake (in comparison with those 3,5 mln lei spent on the lake) was really symbolic– 85 000 lei. In December DPC-COM sold the lake to another person– Dumitru Vulpe for 500 000 lei. The next day DPS-COM and Vulpe concluded a lease deed for 30 years. Vulpe also signed a general authorization according to which Kiase in fact can do with the lake anything he wants. Kiase decided to offer the lake for sale and affirmed that he made himself the repairing of the barrage and gives a guarantee of 100 years for it. The price of the lake was 200 000 euro.

According to the law Kiase can’t sell the barrage, because the state invested 80% in it. But the Mayor’s Office also can’t get the rights of property of the lake. The experts claim that the lake and the barrage can become a public property only in case if there won’t be corruption and a conflict of interests in the process.

Crime Moldova will keep track of developments with the “Stalin’s lake”.
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