The Police put out and APB for the head of Our Party Renato Usatii, and he risks to be arrested if returns to Moldova. The Chisinau Court issued on Monday, October 24th , an arrest warrant on his name for a period of 30 days.

Renato Usatîi is now in Moscow and can’t be extradited to Moldova because he is also a  Russian citizen.

The magistrate Sergiu Bularu has decided to issue an arrest warrant after a trial that lasted almost two days. Vitalie Basil, the procesutor from the Magistracy of Organized Crime Combat and Special Circumstances, asked on Saturday, October 22, an arrest warrant for Renato Usatii because he did not respond to several subpoenas.

The court named a state lawyer, to defend the politician’s interests. However, the lawyer Ion Cerga showed up at the hearing, claiming to own warrants to defend Renato Usatii. Subsequently, the Defense submitted two requests regarding recusal of the prosecutor Bularu, but they were rejected by other magistrates.

Renato Usatîi is accused of  expropriating the Russian banker Gherman Gorbunţov of the majority of stocks from Universalbank, and then ordering his assassination.

The Our Party leader rejects all the accusations and claims  that this is a political order from the democrat Vladimir Plahotniuc.

A group of about a hundred supporters of Renato Usatii, protested  on Monday in from of the Chisinau Central Court. The security forces took heightened safety measures, limiting the access to the court for the journalists as well. 

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