The public institutions of the Republic of Moldova spent 2.7 billion lei on acquisitions last year. Totally there were signed 26 861 documents.

At the beginning of 2016 main contracts were signed with the state companies who deliver food. In 2015 the most expensive contracts were signed for procurement of medicines, including the companies accused of bid rigging.

There are also companies that were founded or owned by public officials, or they are shareholders of those companies.

The drugs crisis and millions for companies

 In 2015 there was a record of drugs acquisitions bid rigging. Companies who sold drugs to the state benefited millions lei.

From the total amount of the 2.7 billion lei 410 million were spent for drugs.

Here are the top 15 companies that have signed the most expensive and the largest number of public acquisitions contracts for pharmaceuticals last year:

15 companii_achiziții publice.png

One of the companies that have won the most expensive and the largest number of public acquisitions contracts is Dita East Farm, which signed in 2015 about 1,000 (996) contracts, including additional agreements. Their value exceeded the amount of 243.6 million lei.

Dita Est Farm.pngThe whole company belongs to Iurie Chirtoaca. Dita East Farm was mentioned in several drug market scandals. The latest one was about the suspicious transactions between this company and one of the Bosnian companies. Dita East Farm is the founder of four other pharmaceutical companies: Aquafarm-Grup, Farmacia Familiei, Val-Ginger, Farmstyl. According to the site, these 4 companies are not beneficiaries of public contracts.

Rihpangalfarma – a Moldovan-Hungarian company, that signed in 2015 about 640 contracts and agreements worth 19.5 million lei. The company founders have three others pharmaceutical companies: the Gedeon Richter that won the public auction for about 30 000 lei in 2011; the Panacea and the Civa. The Panacea is mentioned in this ranking among other companies, also it’s one of the founders of the Reunifarm.

Distrimed – 636 contracts / agreements signed for 29.1 million lei.

Esculaps-Farm – 597 contracts / agreement signed for 23.9 million lei.

Tetis International – 460 contracts / agreements signed for 50.7 million lei. The company is also the founder of the Liafarm and Prodiafarm companies. Until 2016, neither of these two companies was beneficiary of public contracts. But this year the Prodiafarm won a contract for about 200 000 lei. The Tetis International also won a contract for over 200 000 lei in 2016.

Sanfarmprim – 439 contracts / agreements signed for 21.4 million lei. The Sanfarm is the founder of a number of Moldovan-Czech companies: the Cehmedprod and the Reunifarm, founded by the Panacea (founded by the Rihpangalfarma).

The enterprise with the foreign-capital Eurofarmaco – 425 contracts / agreements signed worth 3.8 million lei. The head company is Boris Balutel who also appeared as the founder of the Andromed company.

Medeferent – 367 contracts for 22.9 million lei.

Metatron – 315 contracts for 4.5 million lei.

The enterprise with the foreign-capital Farmina LLC - 280 contracts signed worth 3 million lei. The founder of that company is the Investpharma Ltd, that also founded the Farmina Plus SRL.

Vinamex – 271 contracts signed for 11.1 million lei. The founders of Vinamex have also founded at least 11 companies. One of them is Viorica-Farm that is among the founders of the abovementioned Reunifarm.

Becor - 248 contracts for 2.6 million lei. The company's founder is a foreign firm - Sunstring Ltd, the head of the company is Iurie Bezer. Becor is also one of the founders of the Fitosfera company, which signed a contract of over 100 thousand lei in 2013. The Sunstring Ltd and Iurie Bezer were also mentioned as the founders of Elodi-Farm: the company signed a contract for more than 100 thousand lei. Bezer also appears as the founder of the Limar-HH and the Pati-Farm.

GBG-MLD 151 signed contracts for 29, 2 million lei. The company belongs to the well-known businessman Tudor Ceaicovschi, who was involved in bid rigging case in 2015. The GBD-MLD was also mentioned in documents as well as other companies associated with other Ceaicovschi’s company Intermed.

tudor-ceaicovschi.pngTudor Ceaicovschi/ source:

The Intermed signed 10 contracts of 1.1 million lei.

According to the National Anticorruption Center representatives, the GBG-MLD SRL and the Intermed SRL products corresponded to some technical parameters mentioned in public acquisitions’ documents intentionally included in the list of terms.

The enterprise with the foreign-capital  Globalpharm signed 130 contracts of 6.2 million lei in 2015. Its founder Matlab Mustafayev has also founded and The Health Service Company.

M-Inter-Farma – 104 contracts signed for 6.1 million lei. It is the founder of the joint venture company the Excellence.

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