Among the companies that participated in drugs public acquisitions are the same names who participated in 2015 and 2016.

The state allocated about 401.3 million lei for drugs. The fourth part of this amount of money was received by the well-known Dita Estfarm, that signed contracts worth about 172.3 million lei in 2014. It’s about 71.3 million lei less than in 2015, when the company received about half of all amount of the state money allocated for drugs.

Here is the top-5 companies that made the most money from drug public acquisitions: the Tetis International Co. (contracts worth over 55 million lei); the Esculap-Farm (contracts worth about 29, 8 million lei); the Sanfarm Prim (contracts worth about 25.8 million lei); the Vinamex (contracts worth about 24.7 million lei).


Except the Dita Estfarm, other companies’ income had decreased in 2015.

In the chart below you can see the amounts of money raised by these companies in 2014 compared with 2015 (million lei):

Over 70% of allocated by the state money for the petroleum products is received by the Lukoil Moldova

lukoil-1.jpgThe Lukoil Moldova signed contracts worth about 132.4 million lei in 2014 for the petroleum products in 2014 (totally there were allocated 186.1 million lei for that purpose).

The company has been a leader in this field for years.

The Tirex Petrol is the next one in top: the company signed contracts worth 39.3 million lei.

The remaining 14.4 million lei were divided between Bemol, Eximotor, Rompetrom, Petrom etc.

The largest contracts are for the water supplement

Along with companies participating in the construction / reconstruction of roads / bridges / buildings and the gas supplement, the companies participate in public acquisitions for water supplement works and sign the largest contracts as well.


Here is the top companies that signed contracts worth over 1 million lei:

The Polimer Gaz Constructii signed the largest contract worth 21.4 million lei and another one contract worth 3.9 million lei. Its associated with companies Polimer Gaz Complet and the Polimer Gaz Producte that also signed some contracts. The first one signed the second biggest contract in this field of 18.1 million lei, while the second signed the contract of 2.9 million lei.

About the Polimer Gaz Constructii there is an article "The hosts of public procurements in 2016. Who is the beneficiary of the state".

The Soldi signed the contracts of 15, 6 million lei and 11.3 million lei. In addition, the company has signed smaller contracts of 6.4 million lei. The biggest contract with the state the Soldi signed in 2012 for the construction of the aqueduct Balti-Sangerei was of 22.5 million lei.

The Vipart Plus signed three contracts over 1 million lei: 9.9 million lei, 9.3 million lei and 6.3 million lei.. Also the Vipart Plus signed smaller contracts of 2.3 million lei.

The deputy from the Liberal-Democratic Party  Grigore Cobzac owns the Digricom, about which we wrote in the article "The masters of 2015 public acquisitions the state made deals with". This company signed 2 valuable contracts of 8.2 million lei and 5.4 million lei in 2014, both in the Hincesti district. Also the Digricom signed smaller contracts of 1.6 million lei.

The Isystem was registered in July 2013. Less than in a year, the company Isystem signed 2 valuable contracts worth 7.5 million lei and 3.1 million lei.

The Isystem was founded by the company Alta Capital Management, that also founded companies the Ecotop Proiect (2013) and the Premium Brand (2011). The Ecotop Proiect less than in 2 months after the founding signed a contract with the state of 50 thousand lei 2013. The company won public acquisitions for 1.8 million lei in 2015.

The Lucet Comert company is associated with Lucian Chirtoaca. The company signed 2 valuable contracts for water supplement of 8.6 million lei and 5.4 million lei.

monument.jpgThe Lucet Comert also signed the contract for the placement of sculptural composition in memory of victims of communist regime’s deportations, the complex development of the square and the reconstruction of the fountain in front of the Chisinau’s Central Railway Station in toto of 6.6 million lei in 2014.

The company also signed 2 contracts of 1.1 million lei and about 120 thousand lei.

The Lucet Comert was mentioned in the investigation "The millions of the City Hall buried in 41 courts in Chisinau", published in January.

Among the companies that signed contracts over 1 million lei in this field also are: Nisprofcon, Fauri, Acar-Construct, Devastcom, Alexdan, Provalenta Grup, Coloana Mobila Mecanizata n.28 JS, Foremcons, Amfitecons, Intermed.

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