The Mayor of Durlesti ciry, Saran Eleonora, gives her house in Durlesti on rent for various events. The price isn’t modest: 350 lei per person. This business is illegal and the official didn’t mention it in her income declaration.

Saran.pngAccording to the anticorupţ journalists, the reservation of the house can be made by a phone number displayed on the house’s door. According to the Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre, the house belongs to Eleonora Saran and her husband Eugeniu.

Moreover, the Mayor recognizes she personally makes this business work: "I answer the phone because my number is displayed there, we give house on rent occasionally. For me it is very important the good reputation of the building".

Neighbors confirmed that in that house were organized all kinds of ceremonies and especially memorial services because the property is near the cemetery.

The company was liquidated, but the business still works

The Eleonora Saran’s husband opened a firm in 2012. It was registered at their home we talked above. According to information from the State Chamber of Registration, the company had the right to lease the property. But the business was closed in September 2015 in just two months after Saran became the Mayor. However, at her home are still organized different events.

According to the National Center of Public Health, this kind of ceremonies can be held in a uninhabited rooms, and there needed special authorizations. According to the Cadastre, the house is a residential building, which means that it can’t be given on rent for events.

The Mayor’s income declaration

According to her wealth declaration Eleonora Saran had two luxury homes worth about 600 000 lei (214 sqm) and 784 000 lei (341 sqm) in 2012. That year she also declared an income from salary of 42 000 lei, five plots of land with a total area of ​​over half a hectare (bought in 1999-2009 period) and a Mercedes.

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The Mayor denies the allegations

Eleonora Saran denies all the allegations and explains: "I have no business; I only give my real estate on rent occasionally because I have no time to take care of him". The income from renting the house was not mentioned in her wealth declaration.

Eleonora Saran also claims that has built homes for money she earned abroad: "I have many houses: my parents’ house, my husband's house, my house and other property that we acquired legally working. I worked in Ireland for 12 years, my husband worked there for 14 years".

The NIC will verify the Mayor’s property


According to the head of Information and Public Relations of the National Integrity Commission,Eugen Vitu, they discussed the situation. "The information will be analyzed. The next week we will discuss the initiation of a check of her income and property," – said Vitu.

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