The wealth declarations of 27 judges from the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) were published on the Superior Council of Magistrates website. Many of the SCJ judges were appointed even they have lost the cases of Moldova at the ECHR. Others were appointed with the lower scores in competitions for the SCJ vacancy.

Judges’ estate worth millions

Tamara Chisca-Doneva is the SCJ judge since 2003. In 2015, the judge declared an income from salary worth 254 486 lei. Her husband, who is the head on the Leuseni Customs Office had income from salary worth 76 284 lei. Doneva also benefited about 5000 lei from teaching, and benefited 170 000 lei more as the compensation.

462-tamara-chisca-doneva-1.jpgShe declared 8 agricultural plots of land, obtained by inheritance (their worth wasn’t noticed); a plot of land near the house worth 308 703 lei obtained by the Chisinau Municipal Council decision and the plot of land worth 21 749 lei. Doneva lives in the house worth 1.1 million lei (7- 8 million according to the real estate experts) and has an old house of her parents.

As for the movable property she declared 2 cars with the total worth about 250 000 lei. Doneva also owns 1568 bonds at JSC Telecominvest. The judge’s financial assets are about 61 725 lei.

According to the 2014 ZDG’s investigation, her family members are affiliated with the Victoriabank, and according to the German company website, in her house is registered the Moldovan representative firm of the German “Happy Dog".

Doneva lost some cases at the ECHR.

In 2014 the NIC has initiated a check on Doneva, but the case was closed.

druta.pngIon Druta is the SCJ judge since 2013. In 2015, the judge declared income from salary worth 251 732 lei from the SCJ and 34 393 lei from teaching. His wife, who is the Winco Corporation LP’s CEO had income from salary worth 249 019 lei.

The Druta’s real estate includes a house with a plot of land (according to the City Hall representatives, it was obtained improperly). Also Druta declared the home with a plot of land worth 1.8 million lei (4 million lei according to the real estate experts). The judge also owns the apartment worth 387 041 lei and another plot of land worth about 71 000 lei.

Druta owns two cars worth 12 000 euro and 5000 euro. His financial assets worth over 1 million lei.

Druta was also the head of the Association of Judges. In 2013 NIC initiated an audit of his assets and there were detected several irregularities that caused his recheck. Also in 2013 the judge was disciplined for violating the duty of impartiality and the Code of Ethics in the Aroma Floris case, because of this the state risked to lose millions of lei.

moraru_petru.jpgPetru Moraru is the SCJ judge since July 2014 together with Maria Ghervas, with whom he obtained the lowest scores in competitions for the SCJ vacancies.

He and his wife (lawyer) declared an income from salaries, teaching activities, compensations, lease, land alienation and interest worth 447 000 lei. In 2015 he didn’t buy anything new.

Moraru owns immovable and movable property: 8 plots of land (worth about 157 000 lei), 2 houses (worth about 30 000 lei, there is noticed the value of the just one house), 1 apartment (worth about 395 000 lei), 4 offices (worth about 925 000 lei) and 4 cars (there is noticed the value of the just one car worth 615 000 lei). The judge has a debt worth 145 000 lei.

Liliana Catan is the SCJ judge since 2014. Previously (2005-2013), she worked in the Court of Appeals.

liliana-catan.jpgCatan declared income from salary worth 246 847 lei, and her husband’s income from salary worth 131 452 lei. The judge earned 2483 lei more from teaching. In 2015 she didn’t buy anything new.

The judge has two plots of land: there is noticed the value of the just one plot of land worth 49 000 lei.

Catan also declared 2 houses worth more than 500 000 lei and 8200 lei. She also owns 2 Toyota cars: there is noticed the value of the just one car worth 150 000 lei. As about the financial assets, the judge declared 5 bank cards, 4 of which are salary cards.

Her promotion in the Supreme Court was classified as inadmissible by the media and the civil society because of the criminal case of Valeriu Pasat (Catan was the judge rapporteur on that case). Pasat accused her of "obedience the communist government to maintain in force the sentence of 10 years of imprisonment” and of the “closed process with the lack of qualified defense". Pasat was judged because when he was Minister of Defense, he had illegally sold 21 MiG-29 from the National Army. His conviction had been characterized as political one.

The beginning of 2016 brought to Nicolaev and Mardari a number of properties

mardari_dumitru.jpgDumitru Mardari declared an income from salaries worth 254 000 lei. About 8000 lei more the judge earned from the lease of agricultural land.

In 2015 he didn’t buy anything new, but at the beginning of 2016 he received through succession 4 plots of land, 2 apartments, 1 garage, 1 house and 12 other real estate objects without noticing their value as well as other 3 plots of land, 1 garage, 1 house, 1 other property from previous years wealth declarations.

On the site is indicated the value of his other 3 apartments (worth about 400 000 lei), obtained in 2002 and 2013, all by the inheritance and a garage also obtained in 2013 (worth about 1700 lei).

He also didn’t indicate his car's value. According to the wealth declaration, his financial assets worth over 2000 euro.

The NIC check in 2014 showed that Mardari owns 17 shares of JSC Elipi.

nicolaev_ghenadie.jpgGhenadie Nicolaev is the SCJ judge since 2007. In 2015, he declared his and his wife’s income from salaries, teaching activities and alienation of their share of real estate worth 345 000 lei.

In 2015 the judge didn’t buy anything new, but in 2016 obtained by the donation contract the plot of land worth 2099 lei and the apartment worth 37 755 euro. Nicolaev also owns 2 other plots of land worth 16 919 lei and 4124 lei, and 2 houses worth 7600 lei and 196 700 lei. He declared a car worth 240 000 lei.

Nicolaev's financial assets: 8000 lei and 400 shares of the Investment Fund for Privatization Asito-Invest worth 400 lei. According to the Lawyers for Human Rights information the judge Ghenadie Nicolaev participated in making of at least 10 decisions on cases that that were lost at the ECHR.

Like his colleague Elena Covalenco, Nicolaev was in the list of applicants for the apartments at a reduced price in Chisinau, but they were subsequently removed from the list.

Men from the SCJ with the luxury cars and women with cheap ones

Ion Guzun is the SCJ judge since February 2014. Like other colleagues, he was promoted with the low  personal score.

In 2015, he declared income from salary worth 235 298 lei and bought the car worth 254 000 lei. Guzun also declared his wife’s salary and pension worth 214 570 lei and 129 792 lei.

As for the real estate, Guzun declared 4 plots of land: 2 plots of land for the construction and 2 agricultural plots of land with total worth 165 000 lei. The judge also declared the unfinished house worth 48 000 lei, the 10 times more expensive apartment and a constructing house without noticing its worth.

His financial assets worth about 20 000 lei. Guzun owns 9 bonds of the JSC Mega Group and 49 bonds of the JSC FNIII Soprocom-Invest. Guzun declared the debt worth 90 000 euro. Together with his colleagues Diaconu and Catan, Guzun was one of the criminal Ion Druta “savers” (known as "Vanea Pisateli").

Iiurie-bejenaru.jpgurie Bejenaru is the SCJ judge since 2008. In 2015, he declared income from salary worth 252 000 lei and 1200 lei more from teaching activities. His wife’s salary worth over 500 000 lei (she’s working at the Civil Aviation Authority). There were declared over 17 000 lei as income of their dependents. The Bejenaru family earned 5000 lei from selling the agricultural plot of land. Bejenaru didn’t buy anything new in 2015.

He also declared 3 plots of land with total worth about 160 000 lei, 2 of these plots of land were obtained by the donation. Also there was declared the apartment worth 386 861 lei, the house worth 16 354 lei and an unfinished garage (its worth wasn’t noticed). He didn’t notice the value of his Mitsubishi Lancer car. His second car BMW 730 Id worth is about 240 000 lei. The judge declared financial assets worth 8499 dollar, 45 euro, 110 265 lei, cards for salaries shares of the Investment Fund for Privatization Invest North worth 256 lei.

Oleg Sternioala is the SCJ judge since February 2014. Like other colleagues, he was promoted with the low concurs’ score.

In 2015, the judge declared income from salary worth 232 000 lei at the SCJ and 10 000 lei at the National Institute of Justice. He also declared the donation worth 10 000 euro, which his wife obtained from her parents.

Sternioala declared a plot of land obtained in 2015, but didn’t notice its value.

The judge holds 2 cars worth 100 000 lei and 397 000 lei. There was not declared any real estate.

523-sternioala.jpgThe judge also has financial assets worth 31 000 lei and the debt worth 18 000 euro (his creditors are the construction companies Silentagro and Cand-VAS). In the 2015 wealth declaration wasn’t declared the Adverts LLC, declared in 2014.

Sternioala is known for his friendly relations with several judges and politicians. In 2014, when he was celebrating his 2nd wedding at one of the most luxurious places in the capital, there were invited several public figures from the System of Justice, the ex-Minister Oleg Efrim, the head SCM Victor Micu, the President of the Association of Judges Ion Druta, the head of the district Court of Ciocana Victor Burduh, Victor Boico and Ghenadie Plamadeala from the District Court of Buiucani, the former head of the Customs Service Tudor Balitchi, Daniela Guma – the Valeriu Guma’s daugher, who was the member of the Democratic Party, currently wanted by the Interpol after a conviction for corruption in Romania. Among the guests were the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc who became wedding’s godfather, Dorin Damir, who was investigated on the April 7th case, suspected of bribing young people for the false testimonies.

Sternioala was mentioned by the media in the investigation on raider attacks in several financial structures in Moldova in 2013, when he was the head of the District Court of Buiucani. This court has been designated as the laggard among others capital’s courts. According to the, in 2010-2012, almost half of Oleg Sternioala’s decisions on civil cases were cancelled by higher courts.

nadejda_toma.jpgNadejda Toma is the SCJ judge since July 2014. Like other colleagues, she was promoted with low score.

 In 2015, the judge with her husband declared income from salary, teaching activities and pension worth 269 000 lei.

Last year, the judge bought a Peugeot car for 15 000 lei(!), its market price is about 70 000 lei.

She also owns the plot of land worth 47 000 lei and the house worth about 450 000 lei.

Recently, in the Supreme Court of Justice was promoted a new judge Mariana Pitic. According to her 2014 wealth declaration, she bought a Porsche Cayenne car for 11 000 lei (!) in “bad” condition. Such second-hand car market price is over 1 million lei.

The ZdG wrote about Pitic, her husband and their luxury home. Neither the house nor the husband’s business were not declared in the judge’s wealth declaration.

The NIC initiated the check on Mariana Pitic.

After the media published the information about this case, the civil society was mobilized and insists on the dismissal of Pitic.

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