The article “The “Russian laundry” continues to activate in Moldova. 10 billion dollars laundered in 2015” published by the Ziarul National on May, 24 demonstrated that the so-called "Russian laundry" continued last year.

The Ziarul National referred to the TASS agency, which quoted the head of the Directorate of Economic Security and Combating Corruption within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrei Kurnosenko: "In 2015, there were uncovered 23 crimes of extracting from Russia about $10.6 billion through the Moldovan courts and some offshore companies". According to the Russian official 10 commercial banks and 20 offshore companies were involved in the scheme.

The article also claims that in February, during the meeting of representatives of the commercial banks and the National Bank of the Russian Federation, many bankers have complained of the increasing number of cases where banks are required to make money transfers based on the court orders, where the participants, including the offshore companies, have their debts.

The NAC Office for Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering (OPCML) claimed that the information published in the media is not correct. In the official press release the OPCML claimed that on May 16, 2014 the operations with the correspondent accounts of the 19 financial institutions in the Russian Federation opened the Moldindconbank and with various offshore companies accounts in banks in Latvia were stopped. In February 2014 there was initiated a criminal case on money laundering.

RISE_MD_GENERAL_FINAL_infografic_laundromat-3.gifThe scheme of money laundering /

The OPCML cooperated with the 65 similar foreign authorities via the Egmont system (Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, France, Finland, Russian Federation).

Following the 2012-2015 cooperation the Office received the information from the similar Office and other special services of the Russian Federation about the Russian companies, the judges involved in the scheme and the financial data from bank correspondent accounts in Russian Federation and the final beneficiaries of transferred money through Moldindconbank accounts.

In 2014, the collected information was transmitted to the Russian Ministry of Interior Affairs. There were initiated 4 criminal cases against the 3 individuals: the managers of banking system and the Russian bank OAO RUSSKIY ZEMELNIY BANK.

The OPCML continues its measures for combating the money laundering in Moldova.

In the so-called "Russian laundry " were involved 17 judges from Moldova who signed dubious judicial orders. By those orders in 3 years (2010-2014) there were washed about $18 billion from Russia. The Moldovan press has published several journalistic investigations about this scheme.

spalatorie ruseasca.jpgMoldovan judges involved in money laundering scheme /

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