The Expert-Grup writes that the public tender and the construction of a road to the town Humulesti from the Chisinau Municipality were organized with the many irregularities.

The expert’s conclusions

The motives of the decision to build the road to Humulesti are unclear, because Humulesti is a small town (less than 200 inhabitants) and there are unrepaired roads in the municipality with much more intense traffic. The Expert-Grup found that this is due to the fact that the processes of identifying the capital priorities for constructing and reconstructed works aren’t transparent.

There were discovered many violations during the public tender: the acquisition plan was not published, there are differences between estimated amounts of money and the notice of intent (in 3 times), there was not published the notice who won the contract.

The Expert Grup think there was a collusion while organizing the public tender. There participated three companies, two of them were disqualified – the Lincons LLC and the JSC Edilitate. The company which remained in the contest was the ICS Utiltrans Construct. It won the tender with highest price for works and didn’t present the whole set of required documents.

The Lincons LLC offered the lowest price, but it was eliminated because of the qualification requirements (the absence of the contracts with similar or higher value in the last three years).

The another suspicious fact is that the commercial offer of the ICS Utiltrans Construct worth 23.93 million lei  coincides with the estimated amount of the acquisition plan with a small difference: 23 930 000.21 lei. The monitoring team member Iurie Morcotilo said: "From the statistical point of view the probability of such a coincidence is extremely low". He also said: "Even the dubious reputation of the winning company raises many questions on the fairness of the tender. The questionable reputations have the two founders of this company, both being involved in the dubious activities in the past".

IMG_8359.JPGThere was organized a press conference due to launching the monitoring (Morcotilo Iurie, Andrei Ababii, Tatyana Savva)

As Moldovan law allows rising of the initial price of the contracts up to 30%, the contract with the Utiltrans was increased to 29.3 million euro (22% more) but the time for work was extended from 9 months to 2.5 years (the end of 2016).

The ICS Utiltrans Construct’s tenders

The Utiltrans Construct was founded in 2007 by 2 companies: the Financial Investment Group LLC and the GNT General Construct LLC. But the Utiltrans is the founder of the company Tehnologica Construct LLC (2012).

According to the official Public Procurement Agency website, in the 2013-2015 period, the Utiltrans Construct has signed 26 contracts / agreements worth 12.8 million lei, but the Humulesti contract is not published there. Most of the contracts were signed with the public authorities of Orhei, Chisinau, Edinet and Briceni.

The capital’s citizens can complain now about the problematic roads


The Expert-Grup launched recently the invitation to report irregularities (ex .: the poor quality of work; the lack of protection during the works (protective barriers, warning indicators), not respecting the working time (producing noise at night), the theft of materials at work, the actions that affect the environment (oil spills, lack of sanitation, etc.), while repairing and constructing the roads in Chisinau observed by citizens.

The complaints will be taken by experts and will be provided to the authorities.

The construction of the road to Humulesti monitoring was done as a part of the project funded by the Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS) from the Czech Republic. The Expert-Grup will continue to publish the results of repair / construction monitoring of several streets in Chisinau, including the Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, the Alecu Russo Street, the Negruzzi Boulevard and the others.

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