The houses and the plots of land worth millions lei, cars, retirement of over 10 000 lei and salaries over 20 000 lei per month, companies that signed contracts with the state – all of that appeared  in the 2015 income declarations of the Superior Council of Magistracy members.

The Avornics and their contracts with the state

avornic.jpgGheorghe Avornic is a member of SCM since December 24, 2013. The SCM member activated also as a teacher and an editor. He declared an income from salary worth 200 000 lei.

His wife Ana Avornic activated as a teacher and an accountant as well as the shareholder of over 7 LLC’s, declared an income from salary worth 300 000 lei.

Also spouses had income from deposits in financial institutions: 202 746 lei - George Avornic and 150,000 lei – his wife. In addition, the Avornic family had an income of 700 thousand of dividends from the company LLC "Berhord" Ana Avornic being there a shareholder.

In 2015 Avornic has purchased a new car - Toyota Land Crauser, worth 30 thousand dollars, declaring it  property of “Avornic and partners” (law firm). In the statements in 2013 and 2014 figured another Toyota Land Crauser, acquired in 2006, worth 50 000 euro which was not included in the statement for 2015. But it is not the only official's car. Avornic also declared two cars, a Mercedes worth 15 thousand euros and 12 thousand euros Toyota Camry, purchased in previous years.

The family’s real estate values are even more impressive: five plots of land in Moldova and Romania (total worth about 0.5 million lei); 4 constructions (without noticing the value) and 4 buildings worth over 3.6 million lei; 1/2 of a room worth about 1 million lei and a flat of 13,500 dollars in Romania. The bought in 2003 apartment and a building were not declared in 2013 wealth declaration. The plot of land in Edinet wasn’t declared in 2013 and in the 2015 declaration wasn’t mentioned a plot of land in Anenii Noi (worth 950 000 lei), which was declared in 2013 and 2014. Any income from selling was not declared. In 2013, Avornic declared an income of 1.135 million lei from selling of real estate.

The Avornics own two deposits at the pension fund worth 16 000 lei each.

According to the wealth declaration, the family debts are more than 6 million lei. Half of these debts belong to Primavia LLC and Casa Traditiei LLC, full owned by the Avornic’s wife. Some of the debts were taken from the company Miledi LLC acquired by Avornic through abuse of trust and fraud along with Primavia-Exim LLC from the Daiciucs family. The Primavia and the Casa Traditiei debts were not declared in 2013.

The Avornics are shareholders at 8 companies. 4 of them worth about 1 million lei, while 3 other companies are benefiting from contracts with the state.

Gheorghe Avornic:      
  •  The American University of Moldova – 45%. Market value – 1.135 million lei

Ana Avornic:

•       The Litterarum Lyceum- 100%. Market value – 1 million lei;

•       LLC Primavia - 100%. Market value - 5400 lei. Public acquisitions: 2015 - 1,7 milloin lei, 2016 – about  300 000 lei;

•       LLC Casa Traditiei - 100%. Market value – 1 million lei. Public acquisitions: 2015 - about 0,5 million lei, 2014 - about 300 000 lei;

•       LLC Berhord - 10%. Market value - ?. Public acquisitions: 2014 - about 30 000 lei;

•       LLC Den Broker - 51%. Market value – 8 million lei;

•       LLC Promoasig Universitas- 51 %. Market value - 25000 lei;

•       LLC  Institutul de Cercetări Științifice - 25%. Market value - 5400 lei;

•       100% at the 7 non-activating companies: the Bodyguard, the Asolex Ghid, the Coanda, the Get-Deget, the Victoria Novaten, the Oxicriogen, the Crionica. Market value - 5400 lei each.

These companies are interconnected by their founders. The Litteratum Lyceum is the founder of the Primavia and the Casa Traditiei. Also, it’s the co-founder of the Tegola-Constructii, the Avornic’s wife raised there 8500 lei salary. The Litteratum Lyceum is also the founder of the University of European Political and Economic Studies "Constantin Stere", where the Avornics are employees. The Casa Traditiei is the founder of the Westfood. The ZdG wrote about this company in 2014, where was mentioned that the Avornics have about 30 companies in Moldova and Romania.

According to the wealth declarations from the previous years, Avornic raised an award about 2000 dollars for charity activities from the Edelweiss Foundation (founded by Vlad Plahotniuc ) in 2013.

The millionaire Teodor Carnat bought a 10 000 lei car

Teodor Carnat is a member of SCM since December 2013. In 2015, the CSM member declared an income from salary of 105 439 lei. He earned about 120 000 lei from teaching and scientific activity. His wife - the daughter of CEC’s vice-president Uratu, had income from the social benefits from Moldova and Romania worth 53600 lei and a salary worth 1954 lei.

Teodor Cârnaț.png

An income worth 275 000 lei was obtained from leasing of a residence building in Chisinau.

According to the published wealth declaration he owns together with his wife 8 buildings (7 in the capital and one in Dubasari). Six of them are houses with a total value more than 7 million lei, the other two buildings are auxiliary constructions of 300 000 lei and another with the undeclared value. In the 2013 the auxiliary constructions were not indicated in the wealth declaration. The family also owns 5 plots of land for agriculture and 2 plots of land for constructing. Their value wasn’t indicated.

In 2015 Teodor Carnat bought an Opel Vivaro for 10 000 lei. His wife's car Nissan Terano II (bought it 2010) worth 10 times more.

In April 2014, the JurnalTV published a video about his wealth: 

The publication stated that his fortune was accumulated legally from income of a lawyer, teacher, security guard, salesman of automobile and real estate business activities.

Cojocaru and Micu own more modest wealth

violeta cojocaru.jpgVioleta Cojocaru is a SСM member since December 2013. She declared an income from salary worth 105 439 lei. She also earned 152 406 lei more as a professor at the State University. Cojocaru earned about 25 000 lei from teaching and scientific activities.

Unlike her colleagues, Cojocaru declared only an apartment worth over half a million lei obtained by an investment contract in 2001 and a Hyundai Tucson car worth about 300 000 lei bought in 2012. She also declared some financial assets worth 25 000 lei.

Victor Micu is the president of CSM since June 17, 2014. He declared an income from salary of 273 000 lei. Another 30 000 lei Micu earned from teaching activities. In 2015 Micu hadn’t bought any movable and immovable property. He declared a Volvo S80 worth 80 thousand lei; an apartment worth 729 085 lei and a plot of land worth 5000 lei in Drochia district obtained from the municipality. The SCM president declared the financial assets of about 30 000 lei and three salary cards. Together with his wife, he owns 92 shares at the JS Estate Group, 4 lei each. They weren’t declared in 2013.

In June 2014, when he was elected as the SCM president, ZdG wrote that Micu lived in a modest house of his wife’s parents until his own apartment was repairing.

The Stefan Voda’s landowner bought 2 cars

musteata-cv.jpgDorel Musteata is a SСM member since October 2014. He declared an income from salary worth 240 000 lei in 2015. Another 25 800 lei Musteata earned from teaching activities.

His wife earned 127 000 lei from legal services and 3800 lei from leasing a plot of land (the Musteata family hold 12 plots of land).  

His wife also owns 2 gardens and a plot of land for construction. Total worth of their plots of land is about 110 000 lei. They were acquired in the 2005,2008 and 2013. All of them are located in the Stefan Voda district. The Musteata family also have there a house worth about 42 000 lei.

Musteata also declared 2 apartments in Chisinau. The first one was bought in 1997 (worth over 450 000 lei), the second one was obtained by an investment contract in 2014. There were made two transfers over 255 000 lei for it.

In 2015 and 2016, Musteata bought two automobiles: an UAZ 469 worth 10 000 lei and a Honda CRV worth 3300 euro. They own two more cars: a Mazda 3 worth 219 000 lei (bought in 2014) and an Opel Cadett (its value wasn’t declared). In 2014, according to his wealth declaration, his wife sold the Mazda323 for 12 000 lei. The SCM member holds 12 shares in JS Nord-Zahar,  10 lei each.


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