They own houses worth millions, cars worth thousands of euros, and receive monthly pensions equivalent to the sums of money that ordinary retirees receive over a year. These are the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, Nicolae Gordilă and Constantin Allerguş, who recently gave up their mandates for reaching the age limit. And the fact that they made controversial decisions that led to the ECHR's conviction of the Republic of Moldova was not an impediment to the payment of a single indemnity of hundreds of thousands of lei.

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Nicolae Gordila is 65 years old and began his magistrate career in 1982, when he was 29 years old, at the Botanica District Court. In June 2007, he was appointed Judge at the Supreme Court of Justice, and as of April 27, 2016, he is the Vice-President of the SCJ Penal College.

Constantin Alerguş is 64 years old and began his career in 1993 at the Buiucani District Court, after working for nearly 12 years in the police. In 2005, he was appointed judge at the SCJ.

Once retired, Constantin Allerguş and Nicolae Gordilă will receive from the state budget indemnities amounting to about 1.4 million lei. Thus, Nicolae Gordila will raise 759 thousand lei, out of which the compensation amounts to over 595 thousand lei, social insurance contributions of almost 137 thousand lei, and the compulsory social insurance premium amounting to 27 thousand lei.

At the same time, Constantin Alerguş, who has worked in the system 5 years less than his colleague, will raise 599 thousand lei, of which 470 thousand lei net, because 108 thousand lei will be detained as contributions social insurance, and 21 thousand for mandatory medical insurance.

The impressive figures were calculated on the basis of the Law on the Status of the Judge, which stipulates that the magistrates leaving the system are paid a single redundancy indemnity equal to the product of multiplying the average monthly salary to the number of full years employed in this position.

Houses worth millions

The magistrates Nicolae Gordilă and Constantin Allerguş own luxury properties.

The Gordilă House is located on Stolniceni Street, near the Valea Trandafirilor park in Chisinau.

According to the Property Declaration, the property has an area of ​​almost 157 square meters and is worth just over 2 million lei.

The building was put into operation in 2011, when Gordila was already working at the SCJ.

According to cadastral data, the land of 0.054 ha, on which the property of the Gordilă family is located, is a municipal property.

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The stadium of the "Vasile Alecsandri" High School in Chisinau was previously located on this land, which was then taken away by fraudulent schemes. On the site of the former stadium, Gheorghe Nogai, ex-prosecutor at the General Prosecutor's Office, Ion Constandoglo, former Deputy Minister of Education, and Vasile Aleksandri, deputy director of the "Vasile Alecsandri" High School Vasile Dombrov, built their houses. Nogai, Gordila and Constandoglo have received building plots near the educational institution and have doubled them on the sports stadium.


In 2012, the Chisinau City Hall sued all four in court. The City Hall's lawyers argued that the illegally occupied land was assigned to the Vasile Alecsandri High School in August 2001.

The database of the courts does not mention whether the file would have been finalized or not. Gordilă also owns a villa in the village of Miclesti.

Constantin Alerguş owns two buildings in Chisinau.

One of the magistrates' houses is located on Valea Albă, in the Petricani forest area. One of Alerguş’ "famous" neighbors is former the Interior Minister Gheorghe Papuc.

The house has an area of ​​131 square meters and is located on a land of 0.137 ha, which the magistrate received from the local public administration at the end of 2004.

The construction was commissioned in April, 2014.

In the declaration of assets signed by Constantin Allerguş, it is indicated that the building would cost 694 thousand lei.

The Alerguş couple also owns a building on George Enescu street in Chisinau, being neighbors with the preacher of the Buiucani sector, Valeriu Nimerenco.

In the Statement of Assets, the magistrate indicated that he had received half of this property as an inheritance back in 1996.

According to cadastral data, the house with a surface of almost 230 square meters was put into operation in 2004 and is registered under the name of Svetlana Alerguş, the magistrate’s wife, and of her brother, Timofei Raneta.

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According to the document, Svetlana Alerguş became the owner of half of the household following a court decision in April 2005.

Cars worth tens of thousands of euros

Nicolae Gordila declares a Volvo XC-60 passenger car, produced in 2012. The magistrate claims to have bought the car in 2015 with 15,400 euros.

Constantin Alerguş also declared to have in his possession two cars, Skoda Octavia, worth 15 thousand euros, and Nissan Qashqai, worth 16 thousand euros. The cars were procured in 2007 and 2011, which is the same years when they were produced.

Lost cases at the ECHR

Both Nicolae Gordila and Constantin Allergu issued decisions that were then convicted at the ECHR and as a result, the Chişinău Government has to pay thousands of euros.

Thus, Constantin Alerguş is featured in four ECHR decisions, alleging violation of the right to a fair trial. Because of this, the state paid over 42 thousand euros.

Nicolae Gordila was also guilty of the ECHR conviction of the Republic of Moldova, claimed in three cases for violation of the right to a fair trial and in a case of illegal detention. The government was forced to pay the applicants almost 45,000 euros.

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