The law enforcement officials detained several customs employees on June 1, who would be involved in a postal parcel scheme, damaging the state budget by 5 million lei. Among the detainees are Evghenii Russu, the head of the Chisinau MD2000 Post Office 4, Evghenii Russu, who owns a million-dollar house in the center of Chisinau and was searched by police officers.

The house next to the "White Fortress"

Following the detection of postal parcels, the policemen conducted around 30 searches on May 30, including at the residencies of customs employees. Also, a 2-storey building appears in the video, which is Russu's house, and which is worth 2, 4 million lei according to the official's last declaration of assets.


Although the name of the holder is hidden in the declaration, it appears in the cadastral documents.


Thus, according to the cadastral data, Evhenii Russu owns ½ share of the house, the other part being owned by Elena Russu.

According to cadastral documents, the house has more than 100 square meters, being located on a 5-hectare plot of land on Timiş Street in Chisinau, near Valea Morilor Park and the "White Fortress", attributed to DPM leader, Vladimir Plahotniuc.

The house next to Valea Morilor is not the only building owned by him. Russu also indicates two apartments, including one obtained in 2015, in exchange for one person's life maintenance, and another in 2013, when Russu was appointed the head of the Non-Tariff Regulation Section of the Customs Service.

Also in 2013, the official contracts a debt of 200,000 lei, maturing in 2021.

One of the apartments has an area of ​​56 square meters, worth about 400 thousand lei, and the one obtained in 2015, has almost 40 square meters, worth about 200 thousand lei.

Thus, at an annual salary of about 100 thousand lei, Evghenii Russu owns a real estate of about 3 million lei.

The taxpayer also states in the statement a Toyota Avensis model of about 10,000 euros, which he bought in 2012.

The postal parcels scheme 

The postal parcel business, which included Evghenii Russu, has damaged the state budget by 5 million lei.

Together with other customs employees and economic agents, the official has devised a scheme by which they extorted and received money from the recipients of international postal parcels.

In return for the money, they released the international postal packages without carrying out customs control and without calculating and collecting import duties for them. In case of refusal to offer the money, the officials threatened the persons with delays in the clearance process and the calculation of an exaggerated value of the goods received through international postal parcels.

Russu was arrested red-handed together with the manager of a private mail service company, after a large sum of US dollars was sent, that was not estimated yet by law enforcement officials. The money was found in Russu's office.

At present, Russu is investigated in a state of freedom because he would collaborate with the investigation. If he is found guilty, he will spend 5 to 10 years in jail.

It seems that the employee will be investigated by his bosses, and an internal investigation has been initiated on this case.

Russu's career


Although in the communiqué on the destruction of the parcels scheme, it is indicated that the head of the Customs Post of the MD-2000 Post Office in Chisinau has been detained, the property that appears in the searches leads us to Russu Evghenii, who according to the wealth declaration holds the post of Chief of the Non-Tariff Regulation Division of the Customs Service, since 2013.

Russu Evghenii’s name also appears in a 2008 edition of the specialized magazine "Vama", where the official talks about international parcel control procedures. In the text of the magazine, Russu is presented as Head of Customs Station No 2. In the recent editions of the magazine, Evghenii Russu is presented as head of the Non-Tariff Regulation Section.

Contacted by Crime Moldova, the representatives of the Customs Service could not provide information on the names of the Heads of Customs Post No 4 and No 2.

Evghenii Russu is also a member of the Interdepartmental Commission for Humanitarian Aid, responsible for receiving and distributing humanitarian aid to the Republic of Moldova by donors.

Russu holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

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