Romanian customs officers discovered yesterday evening about 70.000 undocumented cigarettes at the Giurgiulesti- Galati border.

Cigarettes were hidden in the iron ore of a freight train, coming from Ukraine and were about to enter Romania through the Republic of Moldova. The train was detained at around 10:30 p.m., when a Moldovan customs officer communicated to his colleagues from Galati customs that the load of the carriage seemed suspicious.

Based on the information received from the Moldovan side, Romanian inspectors checked the carriage and found three bags wrapped in black film, which held about 69.200 cigarettes (3.469 packages) of different brands, coming from Duty-free shops and from the Republic of Moldova.

Cigarettes worth RON 4.460 were seized and an employee of the Railway Moldova was imposed a fine of RON 10.000.

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Currently, the case is being investigated by the authorities of both countries.

It should be noted that cigarettes are the most widely smuggled goods. Weekly, the Customs Service records 3-4 cases of cigarette smuggling.

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