In April, the Court of Accounts informed us that the project concerning the installation of the traffic surveillance cameras was compromised by the interests of civil servants, the state being directly harmed by 23.2 million lei. Three of the winning bidding and management companies for this project have recently been included in the Procurement Agency's ban list and are not allowed to participate in public auctions until June of 2020. They were listed on June 22, at the request of the Soroca and Cimislia district councils for non-fulfillment of the contractual obligations, although the request was made by the Court of Accounts in the Decision regarding the approval of the Audit Report "Road Traffic Systems Management" against 12 District Councils.

The three companies, which in the next 3 years will no longer have the right to participate in the auctions, are "Dessa International" Ltd, "Avtouragan" Ltd and "Midland Engeneering" Ltd.

Audit of the Court of Accounts showed that the state was damaged by the "surveillance cameras" by 23 million lei

An audit report by the Court of Auditors published in May showed that the project for the installation of the traffic surveillance cameras was compromised by the interests of civil servants, with the state budget being directly harmed by 23.2 million lei. The institution mentioned that the project was transformed by a group of interdependent operators into a source of economic benefits from the imposition of fines by the Ministry of Interior bodies for traffic violations. The domain has been monopolized through a well thought out scheme, managed by interdependent companies, with founders, administrators, employees and common addresses.

Only three of the companies that featured in the Court's report were deprived of the right to participate in auctions for a period of three years.

These, along with others, received the attribution of road traffic monitoring from the MI and 13 district councils, in exchange for 50% of the financial means, resulting from fines. Moreover, these economic agents were unlawfully admitted in the process of road traffic monitoring, respectively, all reports of the contravention could be canceled.

Also, according to the Court of Auditors, the companies selected for the provision of monitoring services did not have authorization for IT and telecommunications activities and some did not honor their obligations.

The Court of Accounts also found irregularities in organizing the auctions. According to the audit, all the documents related to the auction were prepared by the winning economic operators.

Even if the institution has asked all District Councils that have signed the contracts with the companies involved to submit to the Public Procurement Agency, within 30 days from the approval date of the audit (05.05.17), requests for registration of the economic operators "Midland Engeneering"Ltd, "Inforad" Ltd, "Avtouragan" Ltd, "Dessa International" Ltd. in the ban list, only Soroca and Cimislia District Counsels did.



Officially, all contracts have been won by "Midland Engineering" Ltd

On the Public Procurement Agency's page, only the Midland Engineering Ltd company is listed under the awarded contracts category. The information shows that during the years 2013-2015, the company won contracts worth 66.5 million lei for road traffic monitoring services, the amounts of contracts ranging between 2 and 6 million lei.

The Court of Accounts showed that "Midland Engineering" Ltd had an association agreement with the companies Dessa International, Netsistem and Avtouragan but in spite of this, it failed to bid on behalf of all the associates , but on its own behalf, without being signed by the associates, the service contract is also signed in its own name.

In its judgment approving the Report, the Court has shown which auctions were attended by other companies.


The audit institution also pointed out that "Midland Engineering" was registered with the CSS on November 15, 2013, a few months before bidding. The company could not demonstrate the ability to meet the requirements of the specifications, nor did it declare activities in the field of information and telecommunications, which, according to the Court of Auditors, is also an irregularity.

And the associate of "Midland Engineering", "Avtouragan" Ltd, which was registered on 23.05.2013, had no experience in the field.

The court also determined that the three companies stored and accessed personal data, illegally, which made the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the illegal keeping of such services.

Octopus of founders and administrators

All three companies included in the Banned List currently have the same legal address and two founders. Moreover, the managers and their founders went from one company to another.

Thus, the manager of "Midland Engineering" was Ion Clima, former lawyer at the Chisinau City Hall, and founder of "Dekka Holding", registered in July of 2014 in Amsterdam. According to a ZDG investigation, the Dutch company bought the Moldovan company from Alexandr Diaciuc in October 2014, when it had already won 12 public auctions. Last year, the company was managed by Adrian Grossu, who, according to the page, manages two other companies, being the founder  of one of them.

ZDG has found that behind Dekka Holding is the businessman from Edinet, Iurie Coşciug and the DPPM general secretary and former deputy on the list, Victor Roşca. In April of this year, Rosca deposited his mandate, intending to give up the position of general secretary of the party at the next LDPM national political council.

The Dutch company was represented by some Ghenadie Frunza in Moldova

Diaciuc also registered Avtouragan, and today, this company is already managed by former lawyer from the capital city, Ion Clima. Avtouragan LLC, as well as Dessa International, is owned by the British company Okkana Investments Limited, represented by Ghenadie Frunza's proxy, also a proxy representative of the Dutch firm Dekka Holding.

"Dessa International" is currently run by Rodion Coşciug, but Alexandru Diaciuc and Ion Clima have also been named in this company, according to the ZDG investigation. Namely, this company actually controlled the video traffic monitoring system, but also the infrastructure in this area, the others only winning auctions.

Although all three companies were registered in Balti, today they are registered at 39 Dîmbului Street in Chisinau.

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